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Social Link Pages


Instagram only lets you add one link to your profile. Create a simple, mobile-friendly social bio profile landing page with all of your links, so your Instagram profile includes everything!
Connect all your links and social media profiles on one page to drive more traffic.


Create single links for social profiles
Create multiple landing pages
Customize your landing pages with links, colors, buttons and images
See how many people viewed each page
See how many people clicked each button
Mailchimp sign-up integration
Built-in contact form


Once installed, the plugin adds a new “Link Pages” section to your WordPress admin.
Create as many new link pages as you need.
Use the quick and easy page builder to customize your landing page. Preview your changes right on the page.
Add simple link buttons or a Mailchimp subscription form.
Add links to all of your social profiles for quick access by your customers, followers or fans.
Customize your page with colors and images, and add your own tracking for better analytics.
Your page is live! Share your link and get more traffic.
Visitors can email you directly from the landing page, without seeing your email address.
View how many people have visited your page, and what they clicked on.


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