Aurora Heatmap – WordPress plugin Free download

Aurora Heatmap


Goddess Aurora, said to give light to the world.
The name “Aurora Heatmap” visualizes user behavior with a beautiful heatmap.
Bringing light to the activation and optimization of your website.
The free version can check the click heat map of PC and mobile.


Login to your WordPress admin.
Click on the plugins tab.
Click Add New and search for “Aurora Heatmap”.
Click Install Now, then Activate Plugin.
The analysis will start,
and after a while you will be able to see the actions of the visitors.


Are there any restrictions on the number of pages and PV that can be analyzed?

There are no restrictions at all.

Which should I use for accuracy setting?

Basically, use high accuracy.
If the data accumulation is small, try checking in standard mode.

How long can I see the heatmap after installing the plugin?

Depending on the number of visits to the site,
data will accumulate in a few hours to two days.

About 3 days have passed, but there seems to be no data.

There is a possibility that the site will not be counted
in the extreme access. Make sure that there is an inflow to the site.

It is not counted even if I access it by myself.

In order to ensure the reliability of the analysis data,
the data to be acquired with a specific algorithm is selected.
Administrator access is also excluded.

What is a count bar?

It shows how many data are counted at which position on the vertical axis.

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