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WPLO Survey


This plugin allows you to enter a LO survey id into the WPLO Survey plugin in WordPress to create a fully responsive, customizable LO survey that you can embed anywhere on your WordPress site. Currently works with “Constituent Registration Info” and “Hidden Interest” questions in surveys.

Automatically creates LO surveys in WordPress
Shortcode system for embedding these forms anywhere on your site
Fully responsive donation form
CSS Styling tab in plugin to change how the form looks
Post survey signup thank you on the same page (you can tell the plugin what sort of message to display after a successful signup)
Error reporting that includes your organization’s email address for support
Google Analytics support built in via a GTM datalayer push event, customizable through the WordPress interface


Example of responsive LO survey in WP
Form styling options in WP admin area
Form analytics options in WP admin area


Install plugin. Activate, and then enter your Luminate Online open api settings into the plugin setup page. You’re ready to load Luminate Online surveys/newsletters in WordPress!


What survey functions are supported?

“Constituent Registration Info” and “Hidden Interest Update” are supported by this plugin in Luminate Online survey setup. These settings are commonly used for signing people up for e-mail newsletters/interests using Luminate Online.

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