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WP Google Map


WP Google Map is an awesome plugin to use when adding a custom Google map to your website. It is fully customizable and can be used as shortcode.

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!!Important Notice for All!!

After July 16, 2018, Google has changed its policy. You need to add billing information to use Google Map. If you see a warning message on Map-like “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly“, please have a look on google developers documentation. Even if you face a problem, please send a message in the mail: milonfci@gmail.com or Skype: milon305021

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Features of WP Google Map Plugin-Lite version(FREE):

Importing the shortcode by Embed Google Map Button upon Editor
Fully Customizable
It is the most popular Google Maps plugin on WordPress
Automatic Google Map location identification
Tested with other popular plugins
Super easy to use
Ability to change zoom level(1-15)
Easy to add a widget (
Spent over hour on this plugin. No map showed up. Installed another plugin – worked imediately.

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