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Business Canvas Model


While there are plenty of really great methodologies and frameworks, like open brainstorming and the Creative Matrix, designed specifically for ideation, the BMC can also be a really powerful tool to get the creative (ideation) juices flowing. The key to using the BMC for ideation is that it’s best to start with your current business model. In other words, if you’re starting from zero, there are probably better methods for ideation.


There are 9 steps you can create to define you business flow that can be created from dashboard and can be display by using shortcode.

To display business canvas model use shortcode [BMC].


This is back end display of plugin

This is frontend end display of plugin


Login in wordpress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, search for Business Canvas Model, and click to install the plugin. You can also download the plugin zip file from this page and upload it from the Plugins > Add New > Upload page.


How to create sticky notes ?

Click on the plus or add icon showing in right side of box. and fill the box to create sticky note.

How to delete sticky note ?

Click on the cross icon showing in left side of box. and fill the box to create sticky note.

How to update sticky note ?

Double click on already created sticky note to change or remove text from it and click on thumb sign below it to update.

How to display BMC in frontend ?

use [BMC] shortcode to display plugin data in frontend.

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