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Shortcodes Ultimate


Shortcodes Ultimate is a comprehensive collection of various visual and functional elements, which you can use in the post editor, text widgets or even in template files. Using Shortcodes Ultimate you can easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders and carousels, responsive videos and much, much more.


50+ beautiful shortcodes
1-click shortcode insertion with live preview
Works with any theme
Modern responsive design
Custom CSS editor
Custom widget
RTL support


Available shortcodes
Support forum
Premium support

Check out premium add-ons!

Extra Shortcodes – 15+ additional shortcodes
Additional Skins – 60+ additional skins
Shortcode Creator – create your own custom shortcodes
Add-ons Bundle – All-in-one!

Available Shortcodes

Heading       Tabs          Spoiler     Accordion
Divider       Spacer        Highlight   Label
Quote         Pullquote     Dropcap     Columns
List          Button        Service     Box
Note          Expand        Lightbox    Tooltip
Private       YouTube       Vimeo       Dailymotion
Audio         Video         Table       Permalink
Members       Guests        RSS         Menu
Sub pages     Siblings      Document    Google map
Slider        Carousel      Gallery     Posts
Dummy text    Dummy image   Animation   Meta data
User data     Post data     Template    QR code

Thanks to these great guys for contribution

Reviews by advanced users
Dmitry Semenov – Magnific Popup jQuery plugin
Craig Thompson – qTip jQuery plugin
Vladimir Kharlampidi – Swiper jQuery plugin
Fork Awesome & Dave Gandy
James Smith – Simple Slider jQuery plugin
pt_br locale: Ibidem Translations
fr_fr locale: Nicolas Leclerc
el_gr locale: Kleanthis Manolopoulos
sk_sk locale: Patrik Žec (PATWIST)
cs_cz locale: Punc00
sv_se locale: Javier Marcilla


Insert Shortcode button added above the editor
Shortcode insertion window
Shortcode settings
Shortcodes: button, tabs, box, carousel
Shortcodes: spoiler, service, list, columns, note


From within dashboard (recommended)

Navigate to Dashboard ? Plugins ? Add New;
Search for Shortcodes Ultimate;
Click Install, then Activate.

Watch video of the process.

Manual installation

Click to Download the plugin as a .zip file;
Unzip downloaded archive and upload shortcodes-ultimate folder under your /wp-content/plugins/ directory (resulted plugin path should be /wp-content/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/**);
Navigate to Dashboard ? Plugins and activate the plugin.

Detailed installation guide.


How this plugin works

How Shortcodes Ultimate plugin works.

Shortcodes do not work. Why?

The most common reasons of this issue are listed here.

Insert shortcode button do not work. Why?

The most common reasons of this issue are listed here.

Can I remove default shortcodes?

Yes, you can remove default shortcodes using ‘su/data/shortcodes’ filter. Tutorial: How to remove default shortcodes.

Can I create custom shortcodes?

Yes, you can create custom shortcodes using ‘su/data/shortcodes’ filter. Tutorial: How to add custom shortcodes.
Alternatively, you can use Shortcode Creator add-on.

Can I use shortcodes in template files?

Yes! How to use shortcodes in template files.

Will this plugin work with my theme?

Yes! Shortcodes Ultimate is designed to work with any theme, but your theme must include very basic things: ‘wp_head’ and ‘wp_footer’ template tags. Sometimes, the plugin may not work properly because of javascript errors caused by third-party plugins/themes.

Where can I report a bug?

You should create an issue at GitHub or open new support ticket (for premium add-ons only).

Where to find additional information?

Plugin has comprehensive documentation.
Also, you can find more answers at support page.

Where can I get support or talk to other users?

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in official plugin forum.
For help with premium add-ons, please open new support ticket.


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