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With a simple drag & drop and installation of Porsline WordPress this is the best wordpress plugin, you can benefit from these features:
• Apply your desired design or your company brand identity to the form.
• Create an unlimited number of forms.
• Add Logic to personalize and segment your audience
• Gather unlimited responses.
• Add score, set answer key, and auto-grading to create engaging quizzes.
• Randomize questions & choices in online quizzes.
• Show people customized endings based on their answers
• Export responses as Excel-supported formats.
• Real-time interactive statistical reports and chats.
• Slice & dice your data to make customized reports.
• Create multilingual forms: Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, English, and Persian.
• Set auto-start, auto-terminate, and response duration of the forms.
• Authenticate respondents via email, code, and OTP.
• Use RESTful API to seamlessly integrate with external software.

If you have an online store:
– Use the registration form, contact us form, order registration form, customer survey form, and other forms related to WordPress.
If you are a digital marketer:
Use a variety of marketing research surveys such as buyer persona surveys, demographic questionnaires, brand name surveys, pricing surveys, or other questionnaires and surveys related to this area.
If you are in charge of human resources:
Use a variety of forms to better manage the hiring process and surveys managers and employees of departments related to your clients, such as the hiring form, pre-hiring test, post-hiring survey, 360-degree survey, and performance appraisal forms.
If you are interested in holding different types of events:
Use the Pre-Event Needs Assessment, Event Registration, Post-Event Surveys, and other related forms to organize your events, collect audience information, and register.
If you are a doctor or working in the treatment department and healthcare:
On your WordPress site, you can use the admission form, patient registration form, monthly or seasonal check-up form, and other such forms to reduce the time of your work.
If you have a WordPress site with any title:
You can use a variety of forms, surveys, contests, and quizzes on your site to make a unique experience for visitors and users.
Enjoy Porsline!


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