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jQuery Updater


This plugin updates jQuery to the latest official stable version, which is most likely not available within the latest stable release of WordPress.
Since jQuery 2+ was used in this plugin, making jQuery 1.x obsolete, jQuery Migrate is also included.

No files are replaced, therefore deactivation of this plugin returns your site to it`s original state.


If you are not familiar with beta testing, bugfixing, javascript or running bleeding edge software it`s not recommended.
I will not provide help on JavaScript and jQuery!

Reporting problems

Please post bug reports and request for help on WordPress.org Support Forums. I will only provide help on issues caused by the plugin, not on JavaScript and jQuery related matters!
Please report feature requests and code changes on GitHub Issues page

If you run into any bugs, turning this plugin off will fully deactivate everything.

Work in Progress

Options screen to enable/disable
Option to choose a specific jQuery version
Automatic cache flushing

For more information on the development visit the plugins GitHub

Updated jQuery Migrate to 1.3.1
Removed unused files


Made the core translation ready
Updated jQuery to 2.2.0
Replaced comments with PHPDoc
Removed some unused files


Updated jQuery to 2.1.4
Updated Readme


Updated jQuery to 2.1.3
Fixed a bug with jQuery Migrate not properly loading
Updated minimum WordPress version to 3.9
Removed some unit testing scripts


Updated jQuery to 2.1.1


Updated jQuery to 2.1.0


Updated jQuery to 2.0.3
Updated jQuery Migrate to 1.2.1
Improved documentation with FAQ and removed screenshots. (who wants to see screenshots of javascript?)
Added jQuery 1.x as fallback
Fallback: Updated jQuery to 1.10.2
Since WordPress 3.6 this plugin cannot break the dashboard. /

Added jQuery Migrate


jQuery 2.0 has the same API as jQuery 1.9, but does not support Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8. All the notes in the jQuery 1.9 Upgrade Guide apply here as well. Since IE 6/7/8 are still relatively common, we recommend using the 1.x version unless you are certain no IE 6/7/8 users are visiting the site.

Updated jQuery to 2.0.0 releasenotes


Updated jQuery to 1.9.1 releasenotes


Updated jQuery to 1.9.0


Updated jQuery to 1.8.3
Improved code styling and documentation


Updated jQuery to 1.8.2
Fixed a bug in the Dashboard
Minor code improvement


Updated jQuery to 1.8.1


Updated jQuery to 1.8.0 releasenotes


Updated jQuery to 1.7.2
Readme fix


Updated jQuery to 1.7.1 releasenotes
Minor code optimalisation
Readme update


Updated jQuery to 1.7 releasenotes
Readme update
Minor code optimalisation


Updated jQuery to 1.6.4 releasenotes


Updated jQuery to 1.6.3

Updated jQuery to 1.6.3 rc 1 (minified)


Updated jQuery to 1.6.2 (minified)

Promise: less numbers when 1.6.2 comes out
Updated jQuery to 1.6.2 rc 1 (
Warning beta release: unminified, un-conflicted

Adds jQuery.noConflict(); to the javascript file for compatibility


Updated jQuery to 1.6.1

jQuery 1.6.1 rc 1 (fixes a known WP bug untill 3.2 is released)


Equals 1.1.2 but has the same number as jQuery


jQuery 1.6.0


Loads the javascript from the plugin directory instead of googles server.


Added jQuery 1.5.2.min to the javascript directory
Removed jQuery UI to a seperate plugin


Updated jQuery UI to 1.8.12 (on Googles CDN)
Fixed version 1..0 (should be 1.0)


First version, uses jQuery 1.5.2 on Googles CDN


Upload jquery-updater/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Sit back and enjoy


Q: Do I need this plugin if I`m running the latest version of WordPress on my site?
A: No

Q: Is this plugin compatible with PHP 5.2 / 5.3 / 5.4 / 5.5 / 5.6 or 7 and HHVM?
A: Yes

Q: This plugin breaks my site! How do I fix it?
A: Using jQuery version 2 could break your site. See the warning on the homepage of this plugin.


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