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Bottom fixed window for WordPress


Use the Bottom fixed window plugin to create sticky bar that stay in the visible screen area especially at the page bottom when the page is scrolled up or down.

Bottom fixed window plugin cross the screen with a 100% width and the height can be configured. It’s a simple plugin that only adds a block of html and js code just before the closing body tag.

Manual and demo


The plugin is not working with all themes! Theme requirements:

jQuery is required, jQuery version 1.8.3 (or later) is recommended.
No JavaScript errors caused by other plugins and scripts.
wp_head() and wp_footer() functions in header.php and footer.php files.


The Bottom fixed window for WordPress plugin in action
The Bottom fixed window for WordPress plugin back end configuration


Follow the standard WordPress plugin installation procedure
Activate the plugin through the plugins menu in WordPress
A new menu named “Cancms Bar” appears on the left menu, click on it to the setting page
In the setting page, set your style and floating bar content


Why was this plugin created?

There are several reasons:

1, People need to display ads at the bottom of the page, and the ads should stay there always be shown.

2, Also, the users want to collect data on the ads by having a simple form inside it.

3, They want to be able to configure the ads content from back end.

How to put a form inside the fixed bar?

Please install the Contact-form-7 plugin, and add the form’s short code inside, it will display the form.

How to colect the form data and save them in back end?

We suggest you install the Flamingo plugin for the Contact-form-7 form, the Flamingo plugin helps you to collect and save form data in back end.

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