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WP Commerce is a free, open-source WordPress plugin with an extendable, developer-friendly framework. It offers an all-out eCommerce solution for all your business needs – small and big, simple and extraordinary.
WP Commerce has been developed using the latest technologies, Vue.js, Pure JavaScript, and PHP 7.0.x. It can be used for all online businesses, ranging from selling digital or physical products to running a drop-shipping business to raising funds and collecting (automated, recurring) donations.
WP Commerce’s fully customizable and extendable framework allows developers to create extensions like payment gateways, donation systems, hotel bookings, appointments, reservations, etc. It has several useful hooks that help to develop extensions with ease.

Key Features:

Payment gateways integrated including PayPal Standard.
Complete set of shopping-support pages – Checkout, User Profile, Cart, etc.
User Account Profile with ‘order/purchase history’.
Put “Add to Cart” button anywhere.
Light-weight for faster loading.
Translation support – translate into any language.
Safe and secure.

Special Features:

Incredibly extension-friendly.
Lots of developer hooks to easily & quickly develop extensions and add-ons.
Create and integrate payment gateways, donation systems, hotel bookings, appointments, reservations, and so on.

WP Commerce Basics

After the activation of the plugin, you’ll have to create some pages and place the following shortcodes:

My Account [wpcm_my_account]
Checkout [wpcm_checkout]
Order Results [wpcm_order_success]

You can add the following code manually where you want to show the “Add to Cart” button.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[wpcm_add_to_cart_button item_id="POST_ID" quantity="1" price="20" class="btn"]Add to Cart[/wpcm_add_to_cart_button]'); ?>

Replace POST_ID with post, page or custom post ID.

After creating the above pages you’ll have to select these pages from WP Commerce Settings > Display Settings.

WP Commerce comes with PayPal Standard gateway to accept the payments. If you are looking for more gateways then visit https://webinane.com .

You’ll have to fill out all the fields require for PayPal Standard, so it works smoothly.

Available Extensions/Add-ons

If you are looking for “Donations” extension for WP Commerce, please visit Lifeline Donations WP Commerce Extension

Payment Gateways

10+ Payment Gateways Coming Soon

More about WP Commerce

Translation Ready: WP Commerce comes with translation option, so user can translate it into any language.
Tested for Safety and Security: WP Commerce is tested with major WordPress versions, PHP 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3. WP Commerce is fully secured and tested for all XSS security issues.
Developer Friendly: WP Commerce is developer friendly. We invite developers to join the community and develop extensions that are demanding.


General Settings page.
Orders page
In Admin orders, Add new item popup
Frontend user checkout page.
Frontend user Account page.


Minimum Requirements

PHP 7.2 or greater is recommended
MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


Upload webinane-commerce.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Create required pages mentioned above

Choose those pages from WP Commerce settings.

Now Add shortcode [wpcm_add_to_cart_button item_id="POST_ID" quantity="1" price="20" class="btn"]Add to Cart[/wpcm_add_to_cart_button] where you want to “show add to cart” button


How to setup PayPal Standard ?

Go to your PayPal account > Settings > My Selling Tools , in the Selling Online section, click Update for API Access item.

How to setup IPN URL ?

Go to your PayPal account > Settings > Automatic Notification and there you’ll be able to see Enable IPN. You must enter URL like http://example.com/order-success-page/?type=notify&gateway=paypal

WP Commerce will work with my theme ?

Yes, we have designed it in a way that it should not conflict with any styles and JavaScript. But if you want to enhance the look and feel, you might have to work a little with CSS.

Where can I find the developer documentation?

You can find the detailed documentation about developing extensions and payment gateways http://plugins.webinane.com/docs/WP-commerce-documentation/

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