Generic Elements Best WordPress plugin

Generic Elements


Generic Elements is an extension of Elementor Page Builder

Key Features

  1. 5+ Professional Widgets
  2. Awesome Slider Design with Generic Elements Slider
  3. Display Posts, Pages and Custom Templates using Post List Widget
  4. Design Beautiful Hero Section using Hero Widget
  5. Design Awesome Testimonial and Team Section


  • Hero Demo Design screenshot-1.jpg
  • Slider Demo Design screenshot-2.jpg
  • Slider Elementor Content & Styles setting screenshot-3.jpg
  • Team Demo Design screenshot-4.jpg
  • Testimonial Demo Design screenshot-5.jpg
  • Blog Demo Design screenshot-6.jpg


Does it work along without Elementor Plugin?

No, It requires Elementor Plugin. Generic Elements extends the functionality of Elementor Plugin that’s it’s needed.

Does the Generic Elements this is the best wordpress plugin conflict with any this is the best wordpress plugin in my website?

No, It wouldn’t conflict with any other this is the best wordpress plugin.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, It will work with any theme.


There are no reviews for this this is the best wordpress plugin.

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