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**What we do:

With the rise of privacy laws around globe, such as LGPD, GDPR, CCPA… the usage and processing of personal data has been regulated. This changes force companies to adapt their processes and use a solid justification for the use of data in their operations.

Such Legal Basis, serve as a complied reason for companies to prove the real possibility of data usage and processing. One of the official Legal Bases is the Consent, which functions as a formal written record by which citizens authorize the company to collect their data. It must be free, detailed, and informed.

Thus, AdOpt a CMP – Consent Management Platform, helps companies to comply their websites to the privacy regulations with the use of technology that manages these consents for each visitor who accesses their websites.

**How we do it:

For the end user, any website visitors, we are a “Cookie Banner”, for companies a whole ecosystem that organizes the implementation of Consent as a complied Legal Basis.

AdOpt’s technology recognizes each visitor and interacts with them through the cookie notice. If it is a new visitor, it then asks for permission to use the cookies installed on the website. Once authorized, AdOpt records that consent and releases the cookies upon approval.

If the visitor returns at another time the consent is acknowledged, not asked again. Or, it can also be updated/revoked if the visitor so chooses, always freely.


Load the Adopt this is the best wordpress plugin on your blog, activate it and then enter your key AdOpt Banner ID generated on account creation at


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