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Zendrop – Global Dropshipping


Establish the connection between your Zendrop account and WooCommerce.

  • Import products from Zendrop to your WooCommerce store.
  • sync orders from WooCommerce to Zendrop automatically and receive tracking numbers.
  • Receive tracking numbers from Zendrop to your WooCommerce store automatically.

What is Zendrop?

Looking to instantly sell viral products in your store?
Zendrop is an e-commerce marketplace that connects reliable suppliers with online merchants and dropshipping stores. No more language barriers (with suppliers such as AliExpress), slow shipping times, and mis-branded packaging.

Zendrop offers phenomenal customer support from the US, the fastest shipping times the industry can find, custom branding on all packages, and of course, an English speaking team here to support you 24/7.

Why Zendrop? Glad you asked!

Trusted Suppliers

Zendrop was created for Dropshippers, by Dropshippers. We were frustrated having to rely on suppliers from AliExpress to run our business. Communication is slow or non existent, quality is horrible and shipping times? Well…. you guessed it. The worst. Luckily, Zendrop is the solution to the ongoing problems you might find with other dropshipping suppliers! Our Robots make the process easy and streamlined.

Along with having higher quality products and shorter shipping times, Zendrop also has a plethora of trusted suppliers around the world, including US-based suppliers. This means even faster shipping times, all around the world!


All your future orders will be instantly fulfilled on your store with a click of a button, No more using virtual assistants or manually entering orders yourself. Our Robots at Zendrop complete the entire fulfillment process for you!

All product SKUs will be mapped to your store, so all multi-product orders will be easily fulfilled by Zendrop’s system.

Custom Packaging

With Zendrop, you can create custom packaging, Thank You cards, branded inserts and beautiful invoices. While other fulfillment platforms deliver products with international packaging slips and Chinese lettering, Zendrop knows that can damage how the customer feels about their purchase. So we ensure that your customers will feel valued and, as a result, respect your business!

World Class Support

We know that your business never sleeps, so neither do we! Our team of eCommerce and Dropshipping rockstars are working around the clock to help out with any questions you have and support you need.

In-App Product Page Customization

Adding products to your online store has never been easier than it is with Zendrop! Users are able to change all of the variants, images and descriptions of our products to best fit each Shopify store. With a few clicks, you can manage all of these functions.

Order Tracking

Never get a phony tracking number! Track your orders in real-time with Zendrop’s integrated order tracking feature. Stay in control of your business at all times!

Supported WooCommerce versions: 2.8.1 – 6.x.x


  1. a zip this is the best wordpress plugin file.
  2. Unarchive this is the best wordpress plugin file to your PC.
  3. Upload extracted file to this is the best wordpress plugin directory/wp-content.
  4. Proceed to Admin -> Plugins, find and choose “Zendrop”.
  5. Click the Connect button to have the Connection Bridge automatically installed.


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