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Smart GEO GMap


Smart GEO GMap is a WordPress plugin that provides an easy way to integrate a Google Map over WordPress Page/Post using an easy Shortcode. Upload unlimited GEO JSON files for encoding a variety of geographic data structures and showing and drawing boundaries, shapes, markers and infowindows (tooltips) on the map. Make your map funny: Upload a Snazzy file to stylize the map.

What is GEOJSON?

GEOJSON is a format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures. Take a look at the documentation:

Google API Key

This step is mandatory:


Multiple markers
Marker info window (marker tooltips)
Coordinates: 3 center area controls
Zoom: world, landmass/continent, city, streets, buildings
Snazzy Maps Skins
Unlimited GEOJSON files upload in order to draw boundaries, shapes, add markers and tooltips on the map.
Responsive layout
Full screen map
Change event type on tooltip
WordPress Backend Compliant


Compatible with PHP 7.0 (Linting)
General improvement
Skeleton Plugin replaced with Devon WPF


Giuseppe Maccario

Author URI

Live Demo

Smart GEO GMap



Install a Plugin using WordPress Plugin Search
Go to your WordPress admin area and click on Plugins > Add New
Find the plugin by typing Smart GEO GMap
Click Install and then Activate
Go to /wp-admin/admin.php?page=smart_geo_gmap_menu_page
Go to Settings tabs and save your Google API Key and your preferences
Go to Files tabs and upload your GEO JSON and Snazzy files

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