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Description First artificial intelligencemanaged marketing tool.

Don’t waste your time and resources creating communication with customers, which misses the effect. Leave all the work to Samba and watch your orders pour in. Our artificial toucan works for you and can determine which products are best for each customer. He will handle all communication for you. He can send personalized emails, notify about abandoned carts, wish for the name day, send push notifications and SMS messages and much more. It combines all the other manual solutions available on the market and also runs on autopilot instead of you.

Now with a single-click Shopify connector for free

Made to make you money

Increase sales and order values with personalized campaigns content and websites, powered and created by artificial intelligence in one unified platform. Easy to use, no need to hire specialists.

A go-to app for Shopify users

Get started quickly with seamless integration, prepared templates, and the essential email, Push notification and SMS tools to grow sales.

Free to use

Not any limited trial or demo. Real free. Access 100% of Samba, and watch your sales grow.

About the app is the first truly automated and AI-powered marketing platform which requires zero experience in online marketing. All you need to do is to connect your Shopify store and let Samba generate new orders for you!

It doesn’t matter if you are a family-sized eshop or a market leader. Samba is used by everyone around the world.

Here’s what you get:


Put the entirety of your email marketing on autopilot, providing a completely automated process of analysis, distribution, and iteration based on the personalized data of your customers. All you’ll need to do is set it up and then watch it

Email personalization

Based on the real-time preferences, interests, and shopping history of each individual customer, you’ll be able to provide truly personalized emails that offer products and communications that are the most relevant to each person.

Web personalization

Similarly to Samba’s email personalization feature, customers will be shown products that they’re interested in directly from within the e-shop itself, all in an automated way and in real time, greatly increasing the chance they’ll make a purchase.


Shopping Intention

Reactivate or remarket customers with products they’ve purchased or shown an interest in.

Repeat Orders

Based on order history, Samba automatically calculates the average consumption time of each consumable product and will automatically remind customers who have purchased those products to reorder when they’re scheduled to run out.

Abandoned Cart

Samba will automatically remarket to a customer with an abandoned cart, utilizing viewed and related products and optimized timing.

Welcome campaigns

Greatly expand your email database and improve conversion rates with Samba’s Welcome Campaigns, which utilize customizable pop-ups that can trigger at various key points in a customer’s journey, such as the distribution of a coupon automatically sent after registering via a pop-up window.

Top class editor

Our built-in Drag & Drop email editor allows easy customization of your email and newsletter templates, with drag-and-drop controls and optimization for all email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and across all devices.

SMS & Push campaigns

Reach customers via SMS and Push marketing. Collect consent through forms and at checkout with best-in-class SMS compliance management.


  1. Upload the this is the best wordpress plugin folder to your /wp-content/this is the best wordpress plugins/ folder.
  2. Go to the Plugins page and activate the this is the best wordpress plugin.


How do I use this this is the best wordpress plugin?

Answer to the question

How to uninstall the this is the best wordpress plugin?

Simply deactivate and delete the this is the best wordpress plugin.


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