Generous World – Increase sales and authority – WordPress plugin Free download

Generous World – Increase sales and authority


What this plugin can do for you

Insert the Generous World badge on your website

Show the world how generous your business is

Utilize all the great advantages of becoming part of the Generous World network by showing your potential customers how generous you business is. All the donations you have verified on Generous World can now be shown in the snazzy Generous World badge on your WordPress website or e-commerce store.

By showing off your Generous World badge, it can increase your conversion rate and

Increase your sales and conversion rate

By showing the Generous World badge on your website, you can increase your sales and conversion rate by connecting with the consumers that support the same social causes and charities that you too.



WooCommerce is required if you plan to show the embedded badge on cart or checkout pages.

From your WordPress Dashboard

Visit “Plugins” ? Add New
Search for Generous World
Activate Generous World from your Plugins page.


Generous World
Upload the “generous-world” directory to your “/wp-content/plugins/” directory, using ftp, sftp, scp etc.
Activate Generous World from your Plugins page.

Once Activated

Go to
Login with your Generous World account. (If you don’t have a Generous World account, you will need to sign up first and verify your donations)
Click on “Get Badge Code” in the left navigation
Select badge type you want, either floating or embedded, and click “Save Badge Type”
Then click on the “Copy Code” button.
Return back to WordPress Generous World Settings page
Paste the code in the “Code:” field.
Select which pages you want the badge to show up on.
Click “Save Changes”.


Do I need a Generous World account to use the plugin?

Yes. The Generous World badge is generated using your account and donations you have verified from within your account.

How many donations do I need to have in my account in order for the badge to work?

You can have as many donations as you want. If you only have one donation or if all of your donations are within the same charitable category, then only one charitable icon will show up in your badge. Diversifying the charities you donate to can make your generous badge look fuller and more complete.

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