wp-repair, your website back online has never been so easy and affordable. – WordPress plugin Free download

wp-repair, your website back online has never been so easy and affordable.


How it works

This plugin will automatically make convenient backups of your plugins, themes, media files, configuration file and exports of your posts & pages and database every day. It also gives you the ability to easily place back accidentally deleted files or data. Most importantly even when your site (and WordPress) has become unavailable, you’ll most likely be able to =repair your website= and have it up and running again, without help from a third party and no technical knowledge required.

Most hosts back up the entire server, including your site, but it takes time to request a copy of your site from their backups, and a speedy recovery is critical. With wp.repair you can resolve the problem yourself without help from a third party and no technical knowledge required


Fix your website externally
A backup of your plugins, themes and media files made every day (saved 7 days)
An export of your posts & pages and entire database every day (saved 7 days)
Revert to any one of your backed up items for 7 days
Bonus feature: optimize/ speed up your website for higher search ranking and better security
Bonus feature: search & replace text in your entire website
Bonus feature: monitor errors in your servers log
Bonus feature: live streams of your server performance (ttfb, rtt, disk space, cpu, dns records)


Our pricing is straigthforward, one low-cost price of $ 9.50 includes all available features!

Plugin Support

If you have any issue with this plugin, please send us a contact:

WordPress website backups

Third-party endpoint

This plugin uses a third-party endpoint: https://wp.repair/api/ to exchange data on accepting terms and conditions of the plugin.
The following data will be sent and saved at this endpoint:
– a code generated by this plugin after accepting terms and conditions
– your website url

This endpoint is then further used to request data or to save error messages.

Link: https://wp.repair
Terms and conditions: https://wp.repair/terms-and-conditions/

Arbitrary section



Plugin page


Do the following to install the membership plugin:

Upload the ‘wp-repair.zip’ file from the Plugins->Add New page in the WordPress administration panel.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Agree to the terms and conditions and get your unique registration code
Start free trial at https://wp.repair/registration-trial/
Fill in your plugin registration code and you’re in control!



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