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T(-) Countdown


T(-) Countdown is a customisable countdown timer that can display years (optional), months (optional), weeks (optional), days, hours and seconds. This plugin is the next generation of T(-) Countdown Widget. Note: a dedicated sidebar widget is not included as shortcodes can now be used in most sidebars.


Style: jedi
Style: TIE-fighter
Style: darth
Style: carbonate
Style: carbonate-responsive
Style: carbonlite
Style: c-3po and c-3po-mini
Style: cloud-city
Style: hoth
Style: naboo
Style: sith
Style: circle
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T(-) Countdown


Old-school: upload the t-countdown folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP.
Hipster: Ironically add T(minus) Countdown via the WordPress Plugins menu.
Activate the Plugin
Add the shortcode to a post or page.
Test that the this plugin meets your demanding needs.
Tweak the css files for premium enjoyment.
Rate the plugin and verify that it works at wordpress.org.


How does one use the shortcode, exactly?

A complete list of shortcode options has been provided to answer this exact question.

Where can I fork this plugin and contribute changes?


Where can I translate this plugin into my favorite langauge?

Community translation for T(-) Countdown has been set up.

How does one pronounce T Minus?

Tee—As in Tea for Two, or Tee off time
Minus—As in the opposite of plus (+)
T Minus—As in “This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. We’ve passed the 11-minute mark. Now T minus 10 minutes 54 seconds on our countdown for Apollo 11.”

I am a Social Netwookiee, does Twinpictures have a Facebook page?

Yes, yes… Twinpictures is on Facebook.

Does Twinpictures do the Twitter?

Ah yes! @Twinpictures is on the Twitter.


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