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Octoboard – WooCommerce Growth Platform


Octoboard is a growth platform for the modern product brands with a long-term strategy and looking for profitability. Octoboard offers tools for marketing optimization, customer management, engagement and retention as well as email and feedback gathering automation. It facilitates growth through usable data and unique focus on driving repeat sales. Tailored to be used by brand founders, agencies and small marketing teams.

The extension connects easily to your WooCommerce store and processes sales and marketing data into ready-to-use reports and rich customer insights, including historical data. You can monitor how your store is doing via the dashboard with all key metrics in real time. The Marketing performance, Revenue and Products reports show opportunities for optimization. The Customer Database makes your first-party customer data usable for segmentation and engagement via emails or retargeting. Octoboard opens up opportunities to grow your revenue without spending more on marketing.

Account & Pricing

An account is required to use the Octoboard extension. For a free trial, please visit our sign up page. Additional fees apply. Pricing is available on our pricing page.


  • Metrics Dashboard – all essential KPIs up-to-date in real time
  • Analytics > Revenue – see what brings you sales and is worth investing in
  • Analytics > Products – for better product management
  • Analytics > Retention – monitor the customer lifecycle and loyalty to be able to drive more repeat sales
  • Email > Automation – tailored email engagement on autopilot based on all this data
  • Customer Database – complete profiles of all your customers and numerous filtering options for segmentation

Grow In Sales With Your Existing Customer Base

By understanding your customers better, you will uncover untapped opportunities for engagement of those who have already purchased from you.

  • Monitor their customer journey
  • Create specific segments to engage post-purchase based on behavior
  • See what incentives drive loyalty and get to know your most loyal fans

Grow With Long Lasting Customer Relationships

Octoboard’s powerful personalized emails engage better, build relationships and drive repeat sales.

  • Send effective data-driven emails
  • Segment your customer base meaningfully and tailor the experience
  • Automate engagement – content drips, replenishment, abandoned carts, etc.
  • Gather feedback automatically – and measure customer satisfaction

The official Octoboard this is the best wordpress plugin connects your WooCommerce store with the Octoboard platform in less than 5 minutes. It is a self-standing platform that tracks data in real time and reports are accurate to the minute without slowing down your website.

We provide Ask-Us-Anything support. You are more than welcome to get in touch with us anytime using the live chat on our website.


Once you install the this is the best wordpress plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Activate the this is the best wordpress plugin.
  2. Go to WooCommerce’s Settings page and click the Integrations tab.
  3. Enter your unique Octoboard API token and click “Save settings”. If you don’t have API token, sign up for free now and get one!
  4. That’s it. Enjoy a cup of coffee ?


How does Octoboard actually work?

As soon as you install the plug-in, your data goes to our servers and Octoboard instantly starts processing. Every report / analysis or customer profile you see is generated in real time. You can access your account at octoboard.com

Will it slow down my site?

Not at all. Octoboard JavaScript tracking library loads asynchronously after each page has already been loaded. All API requests are sent in the background using our fast CDN-backed infrastructure that connects to the nearest node around the globe.

Is my data secure?

For our website, we use SSL protection that ensures secure login and billing payments. Goes without saying, we value you and understand your data needs protection – we make sure it’s safe with us and don’t share it with any third parties.

Is Octoboard real-time?

Octoboard is almost real-time. Some features require data aggregation that can take up to a few minutes before it shows up in your Octoboard account.

Does Octoboard offer free trials?

Absolutely! We offer a 14-day free trial on every plan. No obligation. No credit card required. Get started for free now and get to know your WooCommerce customers!


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