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Htaccess Editor – Safely Edit Htaccess File


WP Htaccess Editor provides a simple, safe & fast way to edit the site’s .htaccess file from WP admin. It automatically creates a backup every time you make a change to the htaccess file. Backups can be restored directly from the plugin, or via FTP if the errors in .htaccess file prevent WP from running normally. For all questions, including support please use the official forum.

Access WP Htaccess Editor via WP Admin – Settings menu.

Automatic Backups

Htaccess Editor makes automatic backups of htaccess file every time you make a change to it. Backups are located in /wp-content/htaccess-editor-backups/ and timestamped so you can easily find the latest htaccess backup and restore it.

WordPress Network (WPMU) Support

WP Htaccess Editor is fully compatible and tested with WP Network (WPMU). It shows up under the Settings menu in network admin. It’s not available in individual sites as there is only one .htaccess file per network.

The plugin was originally developed by Lukenzi in March of 2011.


WP Htaccess Editor admin page
Actions have to be double-confirmed to prevent accidents


Follow the usual routine;

Open WordPress admin, go to Plugins, click Add New
Enter “htaccess editor” in search and hit Enter
Plugin will show up as the first on the list, click “Install Now”
Activate & open plugin’s settings page located under the Settings menu

Or if needed, upload manually;

Click to Download the latest stable version from from
Unzip it and upload to /wp-content/plugins/
Open WordPress admin – Plugins and click “Activate” next to “WP Htaccess Editor”
Open plugin’s admin page located under the Settings menu


I’ve killed my site! Help!?

Nothing is lost or deleted. You can easily get your site back.
You’re probably getting an error 500 or a white screen (of death). First connect to your site via FTP and locate the .htaccess file. Delete it, or rename it. Try the site again – it should open. If it did locate the backup of the old, working .htaccess file in /wp-content/htaccess-editor-backups/ copy the file to your site’s root folder and you’re back in business.

I get an error saying the .htaccess file can’t be edited or created

Sorry, we can’t change the file access privileges set by your server. You’ll have to edit the file via FTP.

Head over to our support forums. We’ll gladly assist you.

How do I get support?

Head over to our support forums. We’ll gladly help you.

Do you support WP-CLI?

Not yet, but we plan to.


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