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Fibre gives you visibility of all of your WordPress websites in one place, helping you continuously improve and ensure that sites are secure, performant and sustainable. Working with the Fibre dashboard, it is the ultimate tool for securely monitoring and maintaining multiple WordPress sites.

Key features

Identify sites with out of date WordPress core and plugin versions
Filter sites by plugin, theme and host
Identify and rate security risks on sites
Identify unused or incorrectly configured plugins
Find users across all of your sites (e.g. when an employee leaves the company)
Identify sites hosted using green energy
Tag sites with custom attributes (e.g. whether they have a maintenance contract)
Generate reports of updates performed over a date range

By providing a one way window into your WordPress installations but not allowing remote operation, Fibre is the the most secure WordPress management solution.

Bug reports

Bug reports are welcome at


Fibre activated
Fibre terms and conditions acceptance page
Fibre overview page


Install Fibre
Active Fibre
Accept the terms and conditions
Copy the url and token, and add a new site at


You’ll find answers to many of your questions on

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