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Extra Settings for WooCommerce


Easily customize and enhance WooCommerce store with highly demanded settings and additional features. Includes settings for Storefront theme.

The plugin doesn’t alter anything by default. Choose what you need. Compatible with WooCommerce 2.6+.


Multiple new WooCommerce and Storefront settings in one place.
Useful features and solutions to issues you didn’t think about before.
Clearly explained effects of selecting an option. No need for Google.

Example settings

After a successful login, redirect customers to previously visited page and users with admin access to dashboard.
Remove shop page title.
Remove product image thumbnails from cart page, mini-cart or both.
Remove price range for variable and grouped products on all pages.
Set a number of products per row & page on product listing pages.
Set a number of thumbnails per row for product gallery.


Plugin settings – Product page tab.
A helper image on question mark icon hover for “Reset variations” setting.



Install and activate from WordPress “Plugins > Add New” screen.

Manual installation:

Unzip plugin file and upload folder to directory /wp-content/plugins/
Activate plugin in WordPress \”Plugins\” menu.


Do I need to use Storefront theme?

No. There are additional options for Storefront, but any theme can be used with this plugin.

I changed and saved settings, but I see no effect.

Be sure to clear cache on your website and either open the browser in Incognito\Private mode or clear browser cache as well.

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