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This plugins allows you to create documents with WordPress, and to share them
with others so they can also read and edit. Just share the unique link, and
anyone with that link will be able to read and edit the document.

At the moment this plugin is very simple. The normal post locking system is
used, so no collaborative editing yet!


If you don’t share the link, no one will be able to edit the document! More
options will be added later.


Allow posts and pages to be shared in the same way.
There will be option to fine tune permissions. You’ll be able to choose if

anyone with the link can read,
anyone with the link can edit,
certain email addresses can read, or
certain email addresses can edit.

As part of the Gutenberg project, we’ll look into collaborative editing.

At first improve post locking, so others can still view the document, but
not edit. (Read only.)
Read only, but live updated.
Lock on a block level, let anyone edit the rest.
Maybe full collaborative editing.


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