Custom Textboxes – WordPress plugin Free download

Custom Textboxes


Create beautiful text boxes using the [imtextbox] shortcode. It’s easy to use everywhere.


Upload the folder im-textboxes to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
That’s it!

You can now use the imtextbox shortcode in your pages,Posts and Any Custom Post types. Some examples:

[imtextbox type=”caution” title=”Harshal Dhingra”]Hello My self Harshal Dhingra….[/imtextbox]

[imtextbox type=”caution”]Hello Welcome to Ignite Media Solution[/imtextbox]

[imtextbox type=”warning” title=”Text Warning Heading”]Warning main text[/imtextbox]

[imtextbox type=”warning”]test[/imtextbox]

Allowed parameters:
type, title, titlefontsize, image, padding, textfontweight, textcolor, bgcolor,titlefontweight, bordercolor, border, bordertype, borderradius, width Etc.

You can read everything from settings :).


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