Portugal CTT Tracking for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin Free download

Portugal CTT Tracking for WooCommerce


Shop owners using the Portuguese carrier CTT can use this plugin to associate the tracking code with the WooCommerce order and track it on the order edit screen.

Clients will also be able to track the order shipping status on the “My Account” page.


Add a CTT tracking code to the order
Shop owner can check the shipping status on the order edit screen
Client can check the delivery status on the order page on My account
Tracking code is added to order emails sent to the client
Tracking information is updated every time the order edit screen or the order page on My account is visited and 4 hours have passed since the last update


Use the included automatic install feature on your WordPress admin panel and search for “Portugal CTT Tracking for WooCommerce”.
There are no settings whatsoever at this time.


Is this a shipping method?


Can this plugin calculate the CTT shipping costs?


What else can this plugin do besides tracking the CTT order?


Can I trigger an event when the order changes status at CTT?


I need technical support. Who should I contact, CTT or Webdados?

The development and support is Webdados responsibility.
For free/standard support you should use the support forums at WordPress.org but no answer is guaranteed.
For premium/urgent support or custom developments you should contact Webdados directly. Charges may (and most certainly will) apply.


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