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Gwolle Guestbook is the WordPress guestbook you’ve just been looking for. Beautiful and easy.
Gwolle Guestbook is not just another guestbook for WordPress. The goal is to provide an easy and slim way to integrate a guestbook into your WordPress powered site. Don’t use your ‘comment’ section the wrong way – install Gwolle Guestbook and have a real guestbook.

Current features include:

Easy to use guestbook frontend with a simple form for visitors of your website.
List of guestbook entries at the frontend with pagination or infinite scroll.
Widget to display an excerpt of your last or your best entries.
Simple and clean admin interface that integrates seamlessly into WordPress admin.
Dashboard Widget to easily manage the latest entries from your Admin Dashboard.
Easy Import from other guestbooks into Gwolle Guestbook.
Notification by mail when a new entry has been posted.
Moderation, so that you can check an entry before it is visible in your guestbook (optional).
7 anti-spam features, like Honeypot, Nonce, Form Timeout, Akismet, Stop Forum Spam and Custom Quiz Question.
Simple Form Builder to select which form-fields you want to use.
Simple Entry Builder with the parts of each entry that you want to show.
Multiple guestbooks are possible.
MultiSite is supported.
Localization. Own languages can be added very easily through GlotPress.
Admins can add a reply to each entry.
A log for each entry, so that you know which member of the staff released and edited a guestbook-entry to the public and when.
IP-address and host-logging with link to WHOIS query site.
RSS Feed.
BBcode, Emoji and Smiley integration (optional).
Easy uninstall routine for complete removal of all database changes.

… and all that integrated in the stylish WordPress look.

Import / Export

You may have another guestbook installed. That’s great, because Gwolle Guestbook enables you to import entries easily.
The importer does not delete any of your data, so you can go back to your previous setup without loss of data, if you want to.
Trying Gwolle Guestbook is as easy as 1-2-3.

Import is supported from:

WordPress comments from a specific post, page or just all comments.
Gwolle Guestbook itself, with Export supported as well (CSV-file).


If you have a problem or a feature request, please post it on the plugin’s support forum on I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

If you send me an email, I will not reply. Please use the support forum.


Translations can be added very easily through GlotPress.
You can start translating strings there for your locale. They need to be validated though, so if there’s no validator yet, and you want to apply for being validator (PTE), please post it on the support forum.
I will make a request on make/polyglots to have you added as validator for this plugin/locale.


Check out the demo at


Gwolle Guestbook: The Add-On is the add-on for Gwolle Guestbook that gives extra functionality for your guestbook.

Current features include:

Meta Fields. Add any field you want; company, phone number, you name it.
Social Media Sharing (optional).
Star Ratings, with voting and display and Rich Snippets for SEO (optional).
Average star rating per guestbook.
Preview for the frontend form.
Preview for the admin editor form.
Admin reply on the frontend with AJAX.
Report Abuse.
Easy String Replacement in the default text so you can make this guestbook into a review section or anything you want.
Delete button in each entry for the moderator and author (optional).
Permalink button in each entry for easy access (optional).
Email button to contact each author (optional).
Sitemap support for popular SEO/Sitemap plugins.
Auto Anonymize timer (optional).
Auto Delete timer (optional).

You can buy the Add-On at Mojo Marketplace for only $ 9.

Demo with Add-On

Check out the demo with the Add-On enabled at


This plugin is compatible with ClassicPress.


Frontend View of the list of guestbook entries. On top the button that will show the form when clicked. Then pagination. Then the list of entries.
Widget with different options.
Main Admin Page with the overview panel, so that you easily can see what’s the overall status.
List of guestbook entries. The icons display the status of an entry.
The Editor for a single entry. The Actions are using AJAX. There is a log of each entry what happened to this entry.
Settings Page. This is the first tab where you can select which parts of the form to show and use.
Dashboard Widget with new and unchecked entries.



Install the plugin through the admin page “Plugins”.
Alternatively, unpack and upload the contents of the zipfile to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Place ‘[gwolle_gb]’ in a page. That’s it.

As an alternative for the shortcode, you can use the function show_gwolle_gb(); to show the guestbook in your templates.
It couldn’t be easier.

Updating from an old version

With version 1.0 there have been some changes:

Gwolle Guestbook uses the Shortcode API now. Make sure your Guestbook page uses ‘[gwolle_gb]’ instead of the old one.
The entries that are visible to visitors have changed. Make sure to check if you have everything visible that you want and nothing more.
CSS has changed somewhat. If you have custom CSS, you want to check if it still applies.


The plugin itself is released under the GNU General Public License. A copy of this license can be found at the license homepage or
in the gwolle-gb.php file at the top.

Known Issues

On some websites sending the data from the form doesn’t work correctly. Some field data is being sent and some not.
If you are affected by this issue and can debug this to find the real problem, please do so and report it on the support forum.
Disabling AJAX for the form is a good workaround.

Hooks: Actions and Filters

There are many hooks available in this plugin. Documentation is included in the zip file in /docs/actions and /docs/filters. Examples are included. If you have a need for a hook, please request this in the support forum.

Add an entry with PHP code

It is not that hard to add an entry in PHP code.

    $entry = new gwolle_gb_entry();

    // Set the data in the instance, returns true
    $set_data = $entry->set_data( $args );

    // Save entry, returns the id of the entry
    $save = $entry->save();

The Array $args can have the following key/values:

id, int with the id, leave empty for a new entry.
author_name, string with the name of the autor.
author_id, id with the WordPress user ID of the author.
author_email, string with the email address of the author.
author_origin, string with the city of origin of the author.
author_website, string with the website of the author.
author_ip, string with the ipaddress of the author.
author_host, string with the hostname of that ip.
content, string with content of the message.
datetime, timestamp of the entry.
ischecked, bool if it is checked by a moderator.
checkedby, int with the WordPress ID of that moderator.
istrash, bool if it is in trash or not.
isspam, bool if it is spam or not.
admin_reply, string with content of the admin reply message.
admin_reply_uid, id with the WordPress user ID of the author of the admin_reply.
book_id, int with the Book ID of that entry, default is 1.

Format for importing through CSV-file

The importer expects a certain format of the CSV-file. If you need to import from a custom solution, your CSV needs to conform.
The header needs to look like this:


The next lines are made up of the content.

There are some gotchas:

Date needs to be a UNIX timestamp. For manually creating a timestamp, look at the timestamp generator. When using a formatted date, the plugin will try to read it correctly. If it fails it will use today’s date.
Use commas for field separators. If you use Office software like Excel (which is hell) or LibreOffice Calc, set this correctly.
Use double quotes around each field. When no quotes are used the import process can break when having quotes or commas inside the content of the entry.
The file should be encoded as UTF-8 without BOM to correctly enter special characters.
Make sure you use UNIX line-endings. Any decent text-editor can transform a textdocument (CSV file) to UNIX line-endings.

With version 1.4.1 and older, the field datetime was called date.

You could make a test-entry, export that, and look to see what the importer expects from the CSV.
There is also an example CSV file included in the zipfile of the plugin under ‘/docs/import_example/’.


How do I get people to post messages in my guestbook?

You could start by writing the first entry yourself, and invite people to leave a message.

Which entries are visible on the Frontend?

Starting with version 1.0, the following entries are listed on the Frontend:

Not marked as Spam
Not in the Trash

Before that, in 0.9.7, all the ‘checked’ entries were visible.

I have a lot of unchecked entries. What do I do?

For the entries that you consider spam, but were not automatically marked as spam, you can manually mark them as spam, and they will not be visible anymore.
For entries that are not spam, but you still don’t want them visible, you can move them to trash.
The entries that you want visible, set them to checked.

I want to translate this plugin

Translations can be added very easily through GlotPress.
You can start translating strings there for your locale.
They need to be validated though, so if there’s no validator yet, and you want to apply for being validator (PTE), please post it on the support forum.
I will make a request on make/polyglots to have you added as validator for this plugin/locale.

What about Spam?

The plugin is good and convenient, but one of my sites stopped working Button leave a review

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