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Inline Related Posts


Companies like Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Business Insider, Financial Times and many others understood this concept and embraced it as you can see in this GIF in Screenshots.

In IntellyWP we take care of the marketing aspects of your WordPress site and today we have brought to you the same technology they use, to help you to increase engagement, page views and to reduce the bounce rate.

Just one week after testing this plugin on a low traffic site, our page views increased by 99%.


How many things have you have in the footer post?

The author box?
Subscription to your newsletter?
Maybe you ask users to share the post on social networks?
You ask them to leave a comment?
And also… to read related posts?

Do you know that asking too many things is equal to ask nothing?

Inline related posts plugin bring a new experience to your visitors and help you to win the fight of catching readers attention ?

With Inline Related Posts Plugin you can:
1. Put related posts boxes INSIDE your content (see Screenshots)
2. Automatically put multiple boxes in all your posts
3. Automatically detect line breaks (without destroy your paragraphs or headlines)
4. Choose over 20+ combinations of style (themes, colors, hover)

Click to Download now the Inline Related posts plugin into your WordPress.

Brought to you by IntellyWP. Intelly solution for your Intelly site ?


Some example of famous websites with “Related post box”
An example of a style that you can use
Another example of a style that you can use
Another example of a style that you can use
Hover effect is allowed using this theme
Our Intelly Line Breaks technology which detects grammar rules and avoids content breaks.
The backend of our plugin. Live preview available and super fast options to fit your theme style.
A Box Theme of Inline Related Posts PRO. Check other PREMIUM feature here. (
Another Box Theme of Inline Related Posts PRO. Check other PREMIUM feature here. (


Click to Download our plugin
Upload to your /wp-contents/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
You will be redirected to Settings >> Inline Related Posts


Why should I use this plugin?

Because it will increase the page views on your site, improving engagement and reducing your bounce rate.

Can I use the Inline related Posts plugin along with another Related posts plugin?

Yes you can! Our plugin puts fancy boxes INSIDE the content, not at the end of it.

Will this plugin break the structure of my content?

NOPE. Our algorithm knows HTML tags and avoid placing the boxes in the wrong place!

Do you have some others fancy box styles?

Yes! We have other cool styles and features in the PRO version. Check it out

Will this plugin slow my website?

Absolutely Not! Inline Related Posts is built with lightweight code so you won’t notice any difference in speed using it.


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