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Browser Title Bar Animation – Don't lose visitors


Don’t lose visitors. Catch the user’s attention using Title Bar Animation.

Grab the users’ attention and take them back to your shop/website and reduce site abandonment.

Even though it is small animation applied to the title bar, this plugin nearly 98% succeeds in drawing the attention of the users and taking them back to your shop/website.

We have noticed that many users open several tabs within the same browser to get more information about the site, products, etc. Usually, a user opens a lot of browser tabs to check other websites, coupons for a product, product reviews, etc. This kind of distractions often causes the site abandonment.

To stand out from such kind of distractions, We have created Browser Title Bar Animation plugin to help every website owner to catch users’ attention and take them back to your shop/site.

Title bar animation will grab the user’s attention and try to take them back to your store/website.


Typing Animation Effect
Scrolling Animation Effect
Blinking Animation Effect
Countdown Animation Effect

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Countdown Title effect.
TypeWriter Title effect.
Scrolling Title effect.
Blinking Title effect.
Global Settings.
Page/Post/Custom Post type meta settings.


Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Does Title Bar Animation work with my theme?

I haven’t tested it with every WordPress theme, but Title Bar Animation is designed to work with all themes. If you do run into any issues with your particulate theme, our support will be happy to get it resolved for you.

Does Title Bar Animation work with my page builder?

Yes, I have tested it with all popular page builders.

Is there a Pro version?

No, Righ now there is no plan for Pro version. All things mention in readme are already included in this plugin.

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