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Very Simple WordPress Popup


Very Simple WordPress Popup is a plugin to create customized popus easily by means of a simple form.

This is how it works:

The user enters a title, and then selects the width and height, text and background color (including level of transparency), and can also define different types of borders, or none.
Finally, the user enters the popup content (text that can be formatted with HTML tags).
Before saving the popup, the user can open a preview.
Once saved, it is added below to the list of all popups created.
Popups in the list can be previewed, deleted or copied (to use it wherever the user wishes to).




Installation for General Use

Upload the Very Simple WordPress Popup plugin to your blog, activate it, then go to menu Settings and then select VSWP Popup.
In a post or page use the shortcode [vswppopup ID=xxxxxxxxxxx title=xxxxxxxxxxxx] to create a popup link.

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