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Unlock Protocol


Unlock is a protocol for memberships which lets any creator monetize their content in a permissionless way.

You can try a demo on this site where the content of the post changes on whether the visitor is a member or not.

In order to become members, visitors need to be using a web3 enabled wallet such as MetaMask or a web browser with an embeded wallet, such as Opera. They also need a balance of Ether in order to purchase keys to pay for the memberships. Ether can be bought on exchanges such as Coinbase.

Getting Started

If you’d like to add a lock to your site, start by deploying your first lock.

While the lock is deploying you should install this plugin. Start by downloading it. Then, from the administration of your WordPress.org website, in the Plugins section, click on the Add New button and then on the Upload Plugin button to upload the plugin.

Once installed, check the plugin’s settings to add the address of the lock that you have deployed.

Writing locked stories

The plugin provides you with “Blocks” which can be used in the Gutember Editor, for both posts and pages. We provide 3 different blocks:

The “locked” block: a block whose content (rich text) is visible to non-members.
The “unlocked” block: a block whose content (rich text) is visible only to members.
The “checkout button” block: a block with a button to let you add a button for people to become members. This button will not be visible for members.

Once your story includes the content you need, you can preview its content like any other WordPress post or page. We recommend the use of a web3 wallet which supports multiple accounts so that you can easily toggle between accounts which are already members and accounts which are not members yet!


This plugin is, like all of the Unlock code, open source. You’re encouraged to fork it and make any changes you’d like! If you believe these changes would be beneficial to others, we encourage you to also open a Pull Request so that we could add these to the main branch released on the wordpress.org website!

In order to update the plugin, check out the current subversion state with

svn co  https://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/unlock-protocol

Then checkout the git repo inside of trunk and commit the changes into svn with:

svn ci -m "commit message"

Then, tag the new version (replace X and Y!) to release it:

svn cp trunk tags/X.Y
svn ci -m "tagging version X.Y"


To be completed with questions!

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