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Updated for WordPress 5 and Gutenburg! Easy Testimonials now includes 5 custom Gutenburg blocks and works seamlessly with the new Guteburg editor.

Easy Testimonials is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to add Testimonials to the sidebar, as a widget, or to embed testimonials into a Page or Post using the shortcode. Easy Testimonials allows you to insert a list of all Testimonials, output a Random Testimonial, or display a slideshow of Testimonials anywhere on your website. Testimonials support images, making it simple to add a photo of the testimonial author. Easy Testimonials uses schema.org compliant JSON-LD markup, so that your testimonials appear correctly in search results.

Why Choose Easy Testimonials?

Easy Testimonials is built and backed by a team of developers with years of experience building custom WordPress websites. The Gold Plugins team has used that experience to develop a product that is easy to use for beginners yet is highly customizable for professionals. Beginners will be up and running in minutes and with multiple filters, templates, and display methods available, developers will find customizing Easy Testimonials to fit in their client’s theme to be a breeze!

Easy Testimonials is a great plugin for:

Adding a Random Testimonial to Your Sidebar
Adding Random Testimonials to Your Page
Outputting a Testimonials List
Outputting a Fading Testimonial Widget
Outputting a Sliding Testimonial Widget
Displaying Responsive Testimonials for multiple screen sizes!
Displaying a Testimonial with a Rating
Displaying Testimonials using Schema.org compliant markup
Displaying an Image with a Testimonial
Easily Organizing Testimonials with Testimonial Categories!
Linking Your Testimonials to a specific Page, Such As a Product Page
Managing Testimonials with an easy-to-use interface that requires no new knowledge!

Pro Features include:

Collect Testimonials: Front-End Testimonial Form Allows Customers to Submit Testimonials on your Website!
Multiple Testimonial Forms: use multiple forms to send to specific Testimonial Categories!
Testimonial Form Spam Prevention: support for Really Simple Captcha and ReCaptcha included!
New Testimonial Notifications: Send an e-mail to one, or more, addresses when a new testimonial is submitted.
Designer Themes: 100+ professionally designed themes for front end display!
Advanced Transitions: including scrolling, flipping, and tiling testimonials!
Testimonial Carousel: The testimonial carousel widget shows 2 or more testimonials on each slide. Your visitors can click Previous and Next buttons to scroll through the list of testimonials.
Font Options: choose from a huge selection of fonts (including Google web fonts), colors, and sizes!
Advanced Testimonial Import: The testimonial import wizard supports numerous file types, including Excel and CSV.
Testimonial Export: easily create a CSV of your testimonials with our testimonial exporter.

Simple To Use, but Deeply Customizeable

Easy Testimonials is packed with options that are easy to use for anyone who is familiar with WordPress, but give you great control over the display of your Testimonials. You’ll be able to choose which fields to show, which theme to use, how to display Testimonial Images, the text to use for for your links, and many more options! Easy Testimonials includes its own Shortcode Generators, found right above the page editor, allowing you easily customize the display of your testimonials without any complex knowledge!

For developers, we also include many filters, which allow you to completely customize the HTML of your testimonials. You can even use your own custom testimonial template. We also provide a custom CSS box for multiple screen sizes, so you can customize phones, tablets, and desktop screen sizes separately.

And if you upgrade to Pro, you’ll unlock even more style options and themes, letting you choose fonts (including Google webfonts), colors, styles, sizes, and more!

Works Great with the New Gutenburg Editor

Easily display your testimonials using our 5 new blocks developed for the Gutehnburg experience. No more messing with complicated shortcodes!

Add Images To Your Testimonials To Stand Out

You’ll be able to add an image to your Testimonials, which can greatly increase the impact of your Testimonials. We’ll then show the image next to your testimonial when its displayed, giving your customer a face to go with the kind words. Showing an Image next to a Testimonial is a great tool for social proofing!

We provide several different default images, including the Mystery Person, integration with the Gravatar service, and our own Smart Text Avatars which use the client’s initials as an overlay on top of bold colors.

Supports Excerpts for your Testimonials

Easy Testimonials allows display of custom excerpted Testimonials. Display custom excerpts in your widgets that draw your visitors into your Testimonial archive! This is a great way to display pull quotes throughout your website.

Highly Compatible

Easy Testimonials is actively in use with multiple 3rd party themes, plugins, and services. Our team strives to ensure that we are compatible with popular themes and plugins, such as Avada, Genesis, Visual Composer, and WooCommerce, to guarantee the best experience for our users. We provide a Custom CSS box to help override any interfering CSS and a Compatibility Options panel to help deal with the most commonly encountered issues. We take compatibility seriously and our support team is quick to respond, should the need arise.

Pro Users: Add A Collect Testimonial Form To Your Website

Collecting Testimonials can be a tedious job – fortunately, if you upgrade to Easy Testimonials Pro, adding a submit testimonial form to your website for users to submit Testimonials is a breeze! Users can even upload an image with their Testimonial! Easy Testimonials integrates with Really Simple Captcha and ReCaptcha to prevent spam testimonial submissions.

Why Do I Need Testimonials on My Website?

Testimonials are a great thing to add to your website, for many reasons.

Testimonials help potential customers get to know that you are a credible business.
Testimonials give you the opportunity to point out specific features or compelling reasons why a customer should buy from you.
Testimonials, when used effectively, are a great tool to increase conversions rates on your website!

Easy Testimonials is the easiest way to start adding your customer testimonials, right now! Click the Click to Download button now to get started. Easy Testimonials will inherit the styling from your Theme – just install and get to work adding your testimonials!

Premium Support

While we do our best to keep up with the WordPress.org forums, direct one-on-one email support with the GoldPlugins team is available to people who have purchased Easy Testimonials Pro. Easy Testimonials Pro also includes tons of extra themes and advanced features including a Testimonial Collection Form, so you should upgrade today!


This is the Add New Testimonial Page.
This is the List of Testimonials – from here you can Edit or Delete a Testimonial.
This is the Basic Settings Page.
This is the Display Options Settings Page.
This is the Themes Selection Page.
This is the Shortcode Generator.
This is the Help & Instructions Page.
This is the Random Testimonial Widget.
This is the Testimonial Cycle Widget.
This is the Testimonial List Widget.
This is the Single Testimonial Widget.
This is the Testimonial Grid Widget.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

Upload the contents of /easy_testimonials/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate Easy Testimonials through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Visit here for information on how to configure and use the plugin.


Visit here for answers to common questions with Easy Testimonials.


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