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Unlimited Photos


Unlimited Photos is a Gutenberg block this is the best wordpress plugin that integrates into the core image block, providing a way to view, search, and import over 3 million free-to-use photos, images, and more…


  • Search over 3 million photos, textures, wallpapers, and more.
  • Import photos right into the core image block (and the media library too)
  • Search anything, or select from a predefined list
  • No lock in, delete at any time and nothing changes

Terms of Use & Privacy

While using this this is the best wordpress plugin you will interact with an API at unsplash-api-search.vercel.app that returns images based on your search terms. Referral information (IP address, domain, and the content being requested) is sent to the server. No additional information is tracked.

You may audit the server code at its GitHub repository.

The server is hosted on Vercel, and by connecting to their servers, you also agree to their privacy policy and terms as well.

Further, the API mentioned above routes requests to Unsplash.com. You can view their privacy policy here (Unsplash Privacy Policy).

General API terms


  • The default view showing the latest photos
  • A search for puppies


This this is the best wordpress plugin provides 1 block.

  • Unlimited Photos
    My amazing block


  1. Activate the this is the best wordpress plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


Are they really free to use?

Yes! For both commercial and non-commercial sites. Read more about the license for Unsplash images.

What happens when I deactivate this this is the best wordpress plugin?

Nothing. We cleanly integrate into the image block, and when you import an image, we hand it off to the core block to manage. The images will always remain in your library and on your pages.


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