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A business built around one simple idea: security matters

TrustedSite Pro was built to help connect shoppers who care about online security to businesses who care about protecting their customers.

In a world where privacy and data security are at the top of almost every consumer’s mind, it’s critical to reassure people that you’re trustworthy. TrustedSite certification acts as a third-party voucher for your credibility, helping show customers that you take their data security seriously.

Key Benefits:

Show you’re trustworthy: Pass our security tests to display the TrustedSite trustmark, which lets visitors know your site is one of the good guys.
Increase conversions: The TrustedSite trustmarks are tailored to convert more visitors at every stage of the sales funnel.
Get repeat business: Shopper Identity Protection covers your customers in the event of identity theft, giving them a reason to come back again.

Trustmarks made for every conversion area

You can display a wide variety of trustmarks to convert visitors in many different scenarios. The trustmarks included are:

The TrustedSite floating trustmark: Show your site is trusted and secure.
The TrustedSite secure checkout trustmark: Show your checkout forms are transmitted securely. Requires SSL on page.
The TrustedSite secure form trustmark: Show your form is secure. Requires SSL on page.
The TrustedSite secure login trustmark: Show your login form is secure. Requires SSL on page.
The Shopper Identity Protection trustmark: Show visitors their purchases are protected. Requires purchase tracking and SIP enabled.
The McAfee SECURE engagement trustmark: Show visitors your site is secure.

TrustedSite uses Amazon Cloudfront as a content delivery network to serve the app’s features on your site. TrustedSite is GDPR compliant and fully complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. View our full terms and privacy policy for more information.


The TrustedSite trustmarks help show your site is trustworthy at every step of the sales funnel.
Protect your customers’ identities by offering them free Shopper Identity Protection when shopping on your site.
Manage your services and customize your trustmarks from our easy-to-use admin portal.
Compare your site’s perceived trustworthiness to others.


Upload trustedsite to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Configure account and settings through the ‘TrustedSite’ menu in WordPress
After signup for the TrustedSite Pro service, add the engagement trustmark to your site, add the following code to your site wherever you’d like to display it: [trustedsite]


What are the trustmarks?

The TrustedSite certification and trustmarks are designed to build trust in a merchant’s reliability and the safety of personal data. The suite of trustmarks are designed to increase confidence when it matters most. The trustmarks let website visitors know that a website has been tested and certified to meet our security standards. When a website is certified, it can display the trustmark. When it no longer meets our standards, the trustmark vanishes until the standards are met.

Will the TrustedSite trustmarks work with other Security plugins I have on my site?

Yes. Often we require certified sites to have multiple layers of security including SSL certificates and perimeter and behind the firewall vulnerability scanning. In many cases, a website will have several security services in place along with TrustedSite certification.

How does pricing for TrustedSite certification work?

TrustedSite Certification pricing is based on usage and how many visits your site gets each month.

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