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Multisite Blog Alias


WP Multisite plugin to maintain URL-redirects for Blogs.


Permanent 301 Redirect to blogs main domain
Painless installation and activation – no file access necessary.
Checks domain status
WP-Cli commands


Set up your DNS. Make sure your Domain points to your WordPress installation. You can achieve this by either setting up an A- or CNAME-Record in your DNS configuration. Your webserver must be configured to handle requests on the given Domain.
Under Network Admin – Sites edit the site and select the Alias Domains Tab.
Enter the domain without http ao / and click “Add”.
Click “Check Status” to see if it worked. If something went wrong you will show an error message.

Status messages

Warning: The domain matches the site URL of this blog: The Blog is using the domain name as Site URL.

Error: The domain is already used by another site: A different Blog is already using the domain as Site URL. Eiter Remove the alias from the sblog you are currently workin on, or from the other one.

The domain is unreachable: There is likely an error in your DNS or your Webserver configuration. Use nslookup from he command line or to check the DNS-Settings.

The domain or a redirect does not point to this blog: Following all redirects did not end up on your WordPress-Site, but somewhere else. There is likely an error in your DNS or your Webserver configuration.

WP-CLI Examples

Listing Domain aliases

List alias domains for blog-id 123

wp alias-domains list --blog_id=123

Output minified json of all aliases

wp alias-domains list --format=json --compact=2

Output csv including the header row but omitting other messages into file

wp alias-domains list --format=csv --compact > alias-list.csv

Add Domain Alias

wp alias-domains add --blog_id=123 --domain_alias=quux.foobar.tld

Remove Domain Alias

Remove a specific alias

wp alias-domains remove --domain_alias=quux.foobar.tld

Remove all aliases for blog 123

wp alias-domains remove --blog_id=123

Testing Domain Aliases

wp alias-domains test --domain_alias=quux.foobar.tld<h3>Development</h3>

Please head over to the source code on Github.


Network admin – Edit site


Follow the standard WordPress plugin installation procedere.

The installer will:
1. Create a database table {$table_prefix}alias_domains
2. Create a file wp-content/sunrise.php or append its PHP to it, if the file already exists.
3. Insert define( 'SUNRISE', true ); in your wp-config.


I found a bug. Where should I post it?

Please use the issues section in the GitHub-Repository.

I will most likely not maintain the forum support forum on Anyway, other users might have an answer for you, so it’s worth a shot.

I’d like to suggest a feature. Where should I post it?

Please post an issue in the GitHub-Repository

Will you anwser support requests by email?


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