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FAC Hosted Page Button


A custom wordpress this is the best wordpress plugin developed to facilitate online CC payments using First Atlantic Commerce Hosted Page service. The this is the best wordpress plugin creates short codes for a payment link button and a hosted page result page for displaying the results on redirect from FAC transaction.


  • WordPress > 5.6
  • PHP >= 7.3
    • PHP cURL
    • PHP XML
  • Merchant Account from First Atlantic Commerce
    • Merchant ID
    • Merchant Pprocessing Password
    • Hosted Payment Page


  • Customizable template files using theme. Just copy over to theme folder in sub directory called ‘fac-hosted-page-button’
    • part-page.error.php
    • part-page.success.php
    • part-payment.button.error.php
    • part-payment.button.php
  • Custom actions hooks
    • fac-hosted-page_button_after_page_error
    • fac-hosted-page_button_after_page_success
    • fac-hosted-page_button_before_payment_button
    • fac-hosted-page_button_after_payment_button
    • fac-hosted-page_button_before_payment_button_error
    • fac-hosted-page_button_after_payment_button_error
  • Editable Custom Page via Page Section
    • fac-hosted-page_button (slug)
  • Shortcodes for response page and payment link button
    • [fac-hosted-page_button_payment_button amount currency transaction_id text]
    • [fac-hosted-page_button_page [page message transaction_id code]]
  • Helper functions
    • fac_hosted_page_button_display_payment_button($attr) (Displays the button by calling the short code)
  • Define overriding constants


Either embed the payment button shortcode into a page/post or call the helper function with parameters in template code.


  • You will need to add hooks for executing additional events on button and thank you page
  • do_action('fac-hosted-page_button_after_page_error', string $transaction_id );
  • do_action('fac-hosted-page_button_after_page_success', string $transaction_id );
  • A default results page and url is created on install
  • Recommend flushing permalinks settings to enable this is the best wordpress plugin’s return response url directives
  • Currently, the this is the best wordpress plugin supports First Atlantic Commerce’s 3DS initatives by default.


  • Use shortcode in page
  • Payment Button
  • Default Thank You Page
  • Successful Thank You Page


  1. Upload this is the best wordpress plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/this is the best wordpress plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the this is the best wordpress plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the this is the best wordpress plugin’s settings on its settings page.


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