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AuctionAlly eBay Embedder


AuctionAlly eBay Embedder for WordPress is a solution for embedding your eBay listings into your blog.

We have a designer tool on our website that allows you to design the look of your shop.

The designer produces a few lines of script that can be used with this plugin. Once the code is set up in the plugin settings (copy/paste) you can then use a shortcode to embed your shop on the page or post of your choice.

Both fixed price and auction lots are displayed.

This service is simple to use, with no hassle or registration. You can adjust and rearrange your design whenever you like. It comes at the fine price of free!

You can find the designer tool that creates the embeddable code on our site here: AuctionAlly Designer Tool

All eBay regions are supported. All you need is your eBay username. This is only used to get publicly available items that you have for sale. There are no personal details taken or stored by AuctionAlly.

If you need support then there is also the AuctionAlly Forum that you may sign up to if you wish. I will of course offer support here too. On our website we have a few demos and other things that might be of interest too.

The shortcode to use is [auctionally]

I hope this tool proves useful to eBayers and WordPress users alike.


Shows the admin settings screen.
Shows an example of the output shop.
Shows another example design.
Shows part of the designer tool.


Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/auctionally directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
Use the Settings->AuctionAlly screen to configure the plugin.
Get the special embed code from the designer on our website at
Paste the code into the ‘Parameter Code’ input.
Save and use the shortcode [auctionally] on a page or post of your choice. The shop will then be embedded there.


Does it cost anything

No the service is provided free. AuctionAlly may get a small commission from eBay on any successful sale at no expense to you.

What browsers are supported

Currently the AuctionAlly designer and the embedded shop have been tested in up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE11.

Does the plugin service keep personal information

No, the service only uses your public eBay id to query the eBay API for publicly available data and listings etc.

Does the plugin call eBay directly

No, the plugin on your page accesses a script on our server at, our server then takes the details of the request and calls eBay. The eBay response is then used to deliver the shop to your page.

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