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Simple Wp Sitemap


A WordPress sitemap plugin

Simple Wp Sitemap is a sitemap plugin that generates both an xml and an html sitemap to your site dynamically. These two are updated automatically everytime someone’s visiting them. Which means they’re always up to date and that you only have to install and activate the plugin once, and it will just work for you without you ever having to worry.

Reason the sitemaps are generated dynamically instead of being created as actual files as they were in the beginning, is because it’s much faster and more solid. No problems with having to access, create and delete files, instead they’re just presented when needed to. It’s now suddenly as lightweight, simple and fast as one can expect!

Also supports the option to add pages to the sitemaps that aren’t part of your original WordPress site. For instance if you create a little html file and upload to your server and want it to be included in them, it’s easily done. You can also block pages that you don’t want to be included, and much more.

What it does

So what the plugin actually does is making one xml sitemap and one html sitemap available directly on your site. These aren’t actually real files that can be found in a folder or anything, instead they get generated when visited and can be found at like and

And yes, of course the sitemaps are mobile friendly. They also work well with caching plugins ?

Multisite and multilanguage compatible

The sitemaps are multisite and multilanguage compatible. Every site gets their own sitemap, and all multilanguage urls are included in them!


Settings page
Html sitemap
Xml sitemap


Go to the plugins page in your WordPress admin area and hit “add new”.
Either search for “simple wp sitemap” and click install, or hit “upload plugin” and upload the zip file.
Another way is by just uploading the “simple-wp-sitemap” folder via ftp to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Activate the plugin and that’s it, done. Your xml and html sitemaps will be generated when visited, and can be found at like and

Customize the plugin and change titles or add/block pages by hitting the “Simple Wp Sitemap” option in the settings menu.


I have installed the plugin, where can I find the sitemaps?

You can find them at like and There’s also links to them from the plugins customization page in your admin area.

Are the sitemaps created “on the fly” dynamically or as static files?

Dynamically! From version 1.0.8 they now get generated when someone’s visiting them, rather than being created as actual files.

Where can I find the customization or admin page for the plugin?

Click the link called “Simple Wp Sitemap” in your admin areas settings menu and it will take you there. Theres also a link from the plugins page, where you activate and deactivate them etc.

Does it provide both an xml and an html sitemap?

Yes sir, it does.

Is it possible to add the sitemaps anywhere else on my site? Like on a page with a shortcode or something?

Sorry no, not at the moment it isn’t but maybe in the future.

Which one of the sitemaps should I submit to google and to other search engines?

The sitemap.xml one.

Do I actually have to go ahead and submit the sitemaps anywhere?

Not really, search engines usually finds them automatically when they visit your site. However if you have webmaster tools at google or bing etc, that could be a good place to do it to get statistics over indexed pages and stuff.

How do I remove the sitemaps if I stop using the plugin?

When you deactivate the plugin they get removed automatically.


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