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WPHelpful is a WordPress plugin that helps your users provide feedback for all the pages they visit. It helps you learn if your posts are actually helpful to your visitors.

All you have to do is pick which pages or posts you want to ask for feedback on and WPHelpful appends the feedback widget to the page for you.

There’s no programming required! It works with every WordPress theme, WordPress course plugin, and is ready to use instantly.

Free version

Auto append or use the [wphelpful] shortcode to place the emoji rating widget.
View post ratings from your admin pages.

PRO version

WPHelpful is available as a PRO version with lots of extra features to help you customize.
* Multiple templates – choose between stars, emojis or simple yes/no.
* Customize everything – choose different wording and colors for the widget text and buttons.
* Unrestricted feedback – view all your user’s detailed feedback.
* Email support – we are available to quickly answer questions, fix bugs and take feature requests.


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WPHelpful Settings page.
WPHelpful shortcode usage and metabox enable.
Example of the “emojis” feedback template.
Example of the “stars” feedback template.
Example of the “yes/no” feedback template.


Upload ‘wphelpful.*.zip’ to your /wp-content/plugins/‘ directory or use the WordPress plugin uploader.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘WPHelpful’ to customize the widget.


How do I enable a page so that it collects feedback?

When you create a new page or post, just make sure the “Yes, I want to show feedback widget on this page.” box is checked in the WPHelpful metabox to enable collecting feedback.

How do I unlock all the PRO features?

Just go to https://wphelpful.com to purchase a license that you can then supply in the WPHelpful settings.

Why are so many features restricted in the free version?

We hope that the free version provides you with enough to evaluate how easy and useful the plugin is, but ultimately shows how valuable having the PRO version would be. We are independent developers, so the more financial resources we have, the more time we can continue to put towards building our plugins.

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