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BKTSK Live Scheduler


This plugin will set up a custom post type and taxonomy for live schedule like YouTube Live.

On the new post type, you can use original custom field section including type of the schedule (time fixed schedule, time not fixed (only date fixed) schedule, canceled schedule and day off schedule) and the urls.

Also iCalendar file can be delivered. It can be imported with URL to the major calendar apps (e.g. Google Calendar, Apple Calendar App and so on).


This plugin can be installed directly from your site.

Log in and navigate to Plugins ? Add New.
Type “BKTSK YouTube Live Scheduler” into the Search and hit Enter.
Locate the BKTSK YouTube Live Scheduler in the list of search results and click “Install Now”.
Once installed, click the Activate link.


What can be done with this plugin?

You can make YouTube Live schedule as each posts. Of course, this information will be automatically used for making iCalendar file.
The iCalendar file would be delivered using specified url (you can change the slug for that on the setting page), so everyone can subscribe it to major calendar apps or services.

Is this able to show the calendar?

I’m sorry this function is now in progress. Please wait for that!
Instead of this feature, you can use iframe of Google Calendar. Add your iCalendar with the URL and get the code of iframe on the setting page of the Google Calendar. Now you can put the calendar on any other space!!


I’m so happy to get donation.
There’s an account to donate on PayPal.

How can I use the post type?

You can use any WordPress tags and functions for the post type and taxonomy. Here are some slug to help you.

post type slug: bktskytlive
taxonomy slug: bktsk-yt-live-taxonomy

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