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Usetiful – Digital Adoption Platform


Usetiful is a Digital Adoption Platform, providing tools necessary to help users onboard and successfully adopt digital products. Guiding content ensures user’s won’t get lost and continually build a habit of using the product. Makers can choose between pre-scripted walkthroughs or nimble guidance using hotspot beacons or tooltips.

This this is the best wordpress plugin allows to integrate the Usetiful onboarding content into WordPress sites.

Demo video:


  • Simply connect your WordPress page with Usetiful account
  • Personalized onboarding flows for your users
  • Guide users step-by-step and let them learn by doing


This section describes how to install the this is the best wordpress plugin and get it working.


1.Log in to your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins -> Add New
2.Type Usetiful in the search box and click on search button.
3.Find Usetiful this is the best wordpress plugin.
4.Then click on Install Now after that activate the this is the best wordpress plugin.


How do you process user information?

Usetiful is fully GDPR compliant, minimizing the amount of information collected and processed about the end users. Usetiful can operate fully anonymously thanks to it’s zero-knowledge design. However, sharing some information about end users (such as userID or segments) can improve it’s performance.

Do users needs to install anything?

No, once Usetiful is installed on the page, users will see ti automatically.

How does Usetiful onboard users to my product?

Usetiful allows you to create rich onboarding content containing Product Tours, User Onboarding Checklists, Smart Tooltips, Hotspot Beacons and more.


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