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Favicon Rotator


Favicon Rotator makes it easy to customize the favicon for your site. Just add a favicon via the administration page and it will be displayed whenever someone visits your site.


New: Set icon for Touch devices (Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.)
Simply point and click to add a favicon to your site
Supports adding multiple icons, from which a randomly selected favicon will be displayed.
Automatic icon conversion for large images (smaller files and faster loading)


Go to Theme > Favicon admin page to add/upload image(s) to use for the favicon

That’s it! The favicon will be displayed in visitors’ browsers when they visit your site


Verify that your theme uses the wp_head() template tag
If you add multiple icons, then a randomly selected icon will be displayed each time the site is loaded

More Information on Favicon Rotator’s Official Page


Simple Administration
Favicon submenu in Appearance menu


Install and activate via admin dashboard


Please post questions/feedback Favicon Rotator’s Official page

Installation Instructions

Install and activate via admin dashboard


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