Melonpan Block – Post Title – WordPress plugin Free download

Melonpan Block – Post Title


Block that displays the Post Title and Excerpt. Simple. The plugin doesn’t add any styles or scripts in the front-end.
The block comes with the following settings:

Title HTML tag: Choose between h1, h1 > a, a, a > h1, span
Excerpt: Display the post custom excerpt
Excerpt HTML tag: Choose between h2, h3, h4, span


The block can be found inside the blocks inserter menu under the Melonpan Blocks category.
Once added in the post you can edit its settings on the Editor sidebar under the Block settings panel.
The block renders dynamically. This means it doesn’t save any content in the Post content, it renders the content when the post loads with the current Post Title and Excerpt.


This plugin provides 1 block.



Installation from the WordPress admin.

Log in to the WordPress admin and navigate to Plugins > Add New.
Type Melonpan Block – Post Title in the Search field.
In the results list Melonpan Block – Post Title plugin should appear, click Install Now button.
Once it finished installing, click the Activate button.
That’s it, now you can go to any post where Gutenberg is enabled and start using the block.

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