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Say hello to the easiest way to Simplify, Consolidate & Automate your Sales & Marketing in WordPress.

Groundhogg provides a suite of digital marketing and sales tools that allow you to create and implement high converting funnels in a matter of minutes. If you’re new to marketing, Groundhogg also comes with pre-built funnel and email templates to speed up the process.

Our extensions library will allow you to connect WordPress’ most powerful plugins, adding more trigger points and useful interaction tools.

How Does It Work?

Groundhogg combines the basics of your run of the mill CRM with a simple yet highly versatile funnel builder.

The funnel builder allows you to use benchmarks and actions in any combination to design the perfect customer journey which brings them from State A to State B. (See the screenshots to see an example of our visual builder)

Benchmark Triggers Include:

When an account is created.
When a contact’s email is confirmed.
Whenever a form is filled out.
A page is visited.
A User’s role is changed.
A tag is applied
OR if a tag is removed.

Any of those triggers can launch these Actions:

Send an email
Create an admin notification
Apply a note
Apply a tag
Remove a tag
Apply a contact Owner
Wait till a specific date
Wait for a certain amount of time
Create a user account
Edit contact details
OR send an HTTP POST

With our simple visual editing experience, you can use any combination of the above to create a funnel that will ensure your potential customers are paying customers.

As a dedicated Infusionsoft User I understand the value of CRM automation to follow up on inquiries when we’re not available. Groundhogg is a fully functional and versatile CRM to manage contacts and a complete funnel builder built for complex marketing automation, all for free. There is a big difference between free and hundreds of dollars a month for comparable CRM. And most, if not all, other CRMs are cloud based. Groundhogg is a plugin for WordPress and you never need to leave WordPress to manage your marketing funnels.

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