WelcomeBar – Wp Notification Bar – WordPress plugin Free download

WelcomeBar – Wp Notification Bar

* Create Unlimited notification bars
* Cross-browser Support.
* You can place HTML in the notification bar.
* Compatible with Visual Composer, King Composer and Elementor page builder
* Show or hide  notification bar in All the pages / Only the pages / Only the posts / Only on the home page of your WordPress website.
* Position the notification bar on the Left / Top / Right / Bottom side of the website.
* Default display of the notification bar (Open / Close).
* Enable / Disable On Mobile Device.
* Content Background color of the notification bar.
* Content Background Image of the notification bar.
* Content Text Color of the notification bar.
* Background Opacity of the notification bar.
* How many times show notification will be displayed.
* Enable / Disable Close Button instead of the default arrow option.
* Select the Close Button Text.
* Select the Open Button Text.
* Select the Close Button Background Color.
* Select the Close Button Color
* Select the Close Button Hover Color
* Select the Close Button Hover Background Color
* Select the Arrow Background Color
* Select the Arrow Color
* Select the Arrow Hover Color
* Select the Arrow Hover Background Color

Premium version Features:

Wanna see the Premium version? Check it out now!

Schedule notification: The notification will be automatically disappear after your chosen time.
Shortcode generator: Shortcode generator button in WordPress editor
Display Location: Option to set any notification to specifc page/post/product
Sticky/Transparent header: Support for Sticky/Transparent header
Hide Notification Bar: Do not show notification after close
Mobile device breakpoint: Mobile device breakpoint

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This section describes how to install the WelcomeBar – WordPress Notification Bar plugin and get it working.

1) Install

Modern Way:

Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
Search For “WelcomeBar”.
Install, then Activate it.

Manual Upload Way:

Unzip (if it is zipped) and Upload welcomebar-wp-notification-bar folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

2) Configure

After install and activate the plugin you will be redirect to the welcome screen of the WelcomeBar – Wp Notification Bar plugin. This page will list all the features of the WelcomeBar – Wp Notification Bar plugin.
Create new WelcomeBar and relax!

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