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RSVPMaker for Toastmasters


This plugin adds Toastmasters-specific functions to your WordPress website. Once you activate RSVPMaker for Toastmasters, a series of prompts guide you through the process of installing and activating the other required and recommended software and setting up your home page and meetings schedule. See this video for a preview.

As an alternative to other club web software options that include a custom content management system, this WordPress-based solution allows website operators to take advantage of the same technology that powers major publishing websites ( and, for example) and countless blogs, small business websites, and online marketing campaigns. That makes it a more powerful tool for recruiting new members and showcasing what makes your club special.

Part of a broader WordPress for Toastmasters solution, this plugin lets members sign up for roles on the website. Meeting organizers can also assign members to roles. In addition, club leaders can track member participation and performance through the administrator’s dashboard.

The related Lectern WordPress theme makes it easy to meet Toastmasters International branding guidelines with your WordPress website, adding the logo and the required legal disclaimers.

For documentation and tips on more effective Toastmasters web and social media marketing, see Managed hosting for the WordPress for Toastmasters solution is available at

RSVPMaker for Toastmasters is an extension of RSVPMaker, a general purpose event scheduling and RSVP tracking plugin. This means you can also use your website to manage other types of events, beyond club meetings, such as open house or training events. RSVPMaker can be configured to allow you to accept online payments via PayPal. Documentation at

Developers who would like to contribute to this project can find the code on GitHub
RSVPMaker for WordPress


Role signup on the online agenda.
Data collected through the plugin feeds performance reports, such as this one showing progress toward Competent Communicator.


This plugin provides 3 blocks.





Upload the RSVPMaker for Toastmasters plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Follow the on-screen prompts to also add the RSVPMaker plugin (required) and other recommended software, such as the Lectern theme for Toastmasters branding. You will also be prompted to set up your meeting schedule and create event posts for your website’s calendar.


Why is RSVPMaker required?

RSVPMaker provides the basic functionality for creating, editing, and displaying event posts. By default, it collects a yes/no response to an event (and, optionally, a PayPal payment). This Toastmasters extension allows the software to collect signups for specific roles.

RSVPMaker includes many features you will not use in the course of a regular Toastmasters meeting, but you may have open house events or seminars you might want to advertise as events on your website.

How is the version hosted at different?

Toastmasters clubs can get websites hosted as subdomains of, a service of project project sponsor Carr Communications Inc. based on the free, open source software from the WordPress for Toastmasters project. uses the WordPress Multisite version of WordPress, meaning that all sites hosted in this fashion run on the same instance of the software, with the network administrator controlling what plugins and themes are available. This is similar to the way, the service provided by the company behind WordPress, functions.

The software will run on any WordPress web hosting service.

When you install this software on your own website, you have greater freedom to install other plugins or themes, including those of your own design. However, you must also take more responsibility for providing your own technical support and solving problems such as spam filters blocking email notifications.

The service is supported by sponsorships.

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