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GDPR Cookie Consent Banner


GDPR Cookie Consent Banner is one of the simplest and most popular cookie consent plugins out there. Compliance with data privacy regulations like the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive has never more attainable. Simply install our plugin and modify your settings, and you’ll have a live cookie consent banner and cookie policy on your site that will help you comply with all of the latest data privacy regulations. GDPR Cookie Consent Banner has been actively developed and supported since 2012, and has over 100 5-star reviews.

New in 2.3.0:
Geo IP support – choose which continents to display notifications (requires GeoIP Detect plugin to be installed)
New in 2.2.0:
Easily select pages or posts where the cookie notification doesn’t display. You now have complete control over which pages display a notification and which don’t.
Close on scroll – optionally choose scrolling as closure method.

Simple set up

One of the most popular aspects of this plugin is its ease of use – simply install and activate the plugin to automatically add the cookie consent notification bar. There is no need to configure it. Upon activation, the plugin will create and populate a page on your website with information about your cookie policy. Your consent banner will also automatically link to the newly-created cookie policy page from the notification bar. So if you use the default settings, it takes only seconds to get up and running.


Choice of dismissal method – on click, on scroll, or timed
Choice of dismissal element – either button or ‘x’ close
Option to show the notification on the first page only – subsequent pages visited by the user will not display the message
Option to exclude selected pages and posts from displaying the notification
Choice of position – either top or bottom bar, or floating in one of the corners of the screen
Translation support
Customization options – including the ability to update styles from within the customizer
Inherits your theme styles where possible
The option to use an absolute or external URL to link to for further information
Set the cookie duration
Set the cookie version – updating a version will reset the cookie on all user sites



EU ePrivacy Directive

We think this is the simplest but most effective method of dealing with the legislation.

The plug-in is a straightforward approach to help you comply with the EU regulations regarding usage of website cookies. A user to your site is presented with a clear, yet unobtrusive notification that the site is using cookies, and may then acknowledge and dismiss the notification, or click to find out more. The plug-in automatically creates a new page with pre-populated information on cookies and how to disable them, which you may edit further if you wish.

Importantly, the plug-in does not disable cookies on your site or prevent the user from continuing to browse the site.




Notification bar along the top of the screen
Detail of notification bar on the bottom of the screen
Notification box in corner
Customization panel
Example settings page


Simply install GDPR Cookie Consent Banner on your website from the WordPress plugin directory, or upload the uk-cookie-consent folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress backend
Navigate to the Cookie Consent page in your ‘Settings’ menu to configure your consent banner


Where can I find out more about this plug-in?

You can find out more about the plug-in on its plug-in page.

Is there a demo of this plugin?

Yes, feel free to have a look at the demo here. You can reset the cookie by going to this URL.

Will this plugin make me compliant with data privacy legislation like the GDPR?

The short answer is no, this plugin alone will not make you compliant. Compliance with data privacy regulations requires certain efforts on the part of the user that a single plugin alone cannot provide.

Where can I find out more information about the EU laws regarding the use of cookies?

You can find more details on the regulations on the Information Commissioner’s Office site.

Can I customize this plugin?

Yes, we offer many customization options, from the position of your banner, to the color of the banner, buttons, and text.


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