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Form Data Manager – FDM


Form Data Manager or FDM is your #1 solution for effective WordPress form data collection, retention, management and optimization.

With advanced features and a good looking clean interface, FDM sets new standards in the niche.

FDM saves the contacts sent via contact form 7 in your WordPress database. It also allows you to export data to CSV files.

No configuration is needed to make it work, just install it.

Features of FDM

Saves Contact Form 7 submissions to the database.
Provides Search and sorting features
Update and add forms once CF7 update or add a new form
Helps importing data from CF7DB plugin for a hassle free one click migration
Allows you to enable or disable the plugin from storing submissions
Allows Exporting all contacts of each form
Displays forms and contacts
Provides basic lead management features so you don’t need to leave WordPress
Provides multiple innovative mobile optimized display options
Uses single table for all contact form 7 submissions
Uses recent and friendly design
Provides two designs: a card-based and list-based one.
Provides English and French transaltions

We speak your language

The plugin natively supports English and French. Other languages will be added following your requests and contributions.

The story behind FDM

As fans and frequents users of Contact Form 7, we were frustrated when missing out on valuable business opportunities like sales leads or great candidates due to Contact Form 7 emails sometimes not being sent/received or simply delayed for various technical reasons.

We ended up looking for a solution to save form data before sending it and found some plugins to be quite handy and effective in doing that, we installed some of them on some WordPress instances and used them for several months only to realize that they was lacking many features that turned out to be important for us.

With only paid or low quality alternatives, we figured why not create something really awesome to solve our problems and others’ in style!


This screenshot presents the form listing in the list-based design
This screenshot presents the form listing in the card-based design
This screenshot presents the contact listing in the list-based design
This screenshot presents the contact listing in the card-based design
This screenshot presents a contact detail
This screenshot presents the search feature
This screenshot presents the sort feature
This screenshot presents the bulk actions


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
Search for ‘Form Data Manager’
Locate Form Data Manager in the results and click Install.
Wait a few seconds then click Activate
Look for the ‘Form Data Manager’ item in the Admin left menu


If you already have some contacts saved via CF7DB plugin, you can import them via Form Data Manager / Import from the Admin page


Does this plugin work with other plugins than Contact Form 7

This first version is only compatible with Contact Form 7, this will be considered in future features

Can I import data from other plugins, already used together with Contact Form 7?

This first version only import data from CF7DB. this import from others will be considered in future features


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