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Advanced Sermons


Advanced Sermons is a brand new beautiful, modern sermon plugin that integrates seamlessly with any WordPress theme. An easy to use interface allows you to add video and audio sermons to your website with ease.

Would you like to see the plugin in action before installing it? We have a Advanced Sermons demo website showcasing all of it features!

Beautiful Modern Sermon Plugin for WordPress

Your website represents your church online. It reflects the power of your community, the beauty of your buildings, the passion of your members, and the traditions of your church. A beautiful and functional website is not an additional expense, it is an investment to your church and community. Advanced Sermons is designed to bring beauty and functionality into one simple package.

Free Version Features

Add Sermons, Series, Speakers, and Topics.
Attached images to Sermons, Series, Speakers
Add video and audio files to sermons. .MP4, Youtube, Video, SoundCloud, .MP3
Attach downloadable .PDF, .DOC, and PPT files to sermons.
Customize Sermon and Speaker labels and slugs. Example: Preacher and Messages.
‘Manage Sermons’ quick links menu in the WordPress top toolbar to quickly edit or add new sermons.
Track view counts of sermons to get a better understanding of what your audience is interested in.
Enable comments on the single sermon page.
Filter sermons by orderby, order, speakers, and series.
Customize sermon date format.
Customize sermon title area.
Customize archive sermon font styling
Customize single sermon font styling
Customize sermon content width for compatibility with any WordPress theme
Supports 3rd party plugins such as Yoast SEO, All-In-One Seo and more.
Add custom CSS from design settings
Hide filter from sermon archive

Pro Version Features

Display sermons in the default WordPress search results.
Duplicate sermons allows you to duplicate existing sermons to save you time and energy.
Choose a personalized accent color to match your church’s branding.
Display a sidebar on the sermon single page.
Change the sermon and series thumbnail height.
Add a social share section to the single sermon page.
Display related sermons on the single sermon page that are in the same series.
Change the number of sermons you would like to display before pagination is enabled.
Sermon Shortcodes – Display sermons anywhere on your website using our parameter shortcodes.
Series Shortcodes – Display series anywhere on your website using our parameter shortcodes.

Shortcodes – Pro Version

Example Shortcode – [asp-sermons order="DESC" post="3" speaker="john-smith"]


[asp-sermons order="DESC"]

‘DESC’ – Ascending order from newest to oldest.
‘ASC’ – Ascending order from oldest to newest.

[asp-sermons orderby="date"]

‘date’ – Order by date.
‘title’ – Order by title.
‘rand’ – Random Order.
‘modified’ – Order by last modified date.

[asp-sermons post="3"]

‘int’ – Number of sermons to show. Use -1 to show all.

[asp-sermons series="the-journey"]

‘series-slug’ – Enter series slug to display only that series. Seperate with comma to display multiple series.
I.e: the-journey,stronger

[asp-sermons speaker="john-smith"]

‘speaker-slug’ – Enter series slug to display only that series. Seperate with comma to display multiple series.
I.e: john-smith,george-krenz


Displays the latest series in a grid format.

Thank You

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy Advanced Sermons. If you have any suggested features we would love to hear them! You can contact us here.



Using this plugin is very simple. All you have to do is:


Upload the advanced-sermons folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Configure settings by going to Sermons > General Settings


How do I get support?

In the case that you need help with Advanced Sermons, you can submit a support ticket on our support page. We will make sure to get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Most likely the same day during our business hours.

Does Advanced Sermons work on my WordPress multisite?

Not yet, we hope to work on that in the future.


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