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Advanced Gutenberg Blocks


Advanced Gutenberg Blocks is the perfect tool for the new WordPress Editor:
* New blocks: Dozen of new and awesome blocks
* Block management: disable native blocks you don’t need
* Editor tweaks: options to customize the editor experience
* RichText tools: missing the old TinyMCE buttons? Bring them back in a click


Notice: Display a sweet Info/Advice/Warning/Avoid/ notice
Post: Display pretty posts link (from any post type)
WooCommerce Product: Display WooCommerce Product in your post
WooCommerce Add to cart button: An add to cart button to quickly purchase a WooCommerce product
Banner Ad: Monetize your website by inserting banner Ads in your content
Text + rectangle Ad: Monetize your website by inserting Rectangle Ads in your content
WordPress Plugin Card: Display a Plugin informations from the official WordPress repository
Website Card preview: Do you like how Facebook, Twitter or Slack display a sweet preview to a website in a card? Don’t be jealous, we’ve made the same for you in WordPress!
Testimonial: Display a testimonial with a picture, text, name and company
Google Map: Display a customizable Google Map in your content
Click to Tweet: a nice click to tweet box featuring a content ready to be retweeted
Table of contents: An auto generated, dynamic summary for your long posts
Intro: A nice first paragraph for your posts
Giphy: Quickly search and insert a GIF from Giphy
Unsplash: Find beautiful pictures from the best free photos stock
Code: Finally the code block you deserve with dozens of themes and languages

Block management

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks features a setting page with all the blocks where you can edit default settings and manage your blocks

Deactivate blocks

Don’t want some of the blocks (from this plugin or the WP default ones) ? Disable them in one click from the blocks management page!

Tweak Editor settings

Customize a lot of settings within the editor without a line of code:

Customize Editor width (and wide blocks)
Customize default colors in palettes
Disable custom color button in palettes
Customize default font sizes
Disable custom font size option
Activate Wide blocks
Activate default blocks stylesheet when theme doesn’t handle blocks styles
Activate responsive embeds

RichText Tools

Bring back your Tiny MCE buttons in the editor toolbar in a click to improve your writing experience.

Sub and sup
Selected text color (text and background)
Remove formatting


Create your own blocks and register them in the Advanced Gutenberg Blocks settings page.

Built with performances in mind

Don’t worry about performances: only the needed scripts are loaded in frontend.


Help me making great blocks! Join the project on Github


This plugin uses the awesome Create-Guten-Block Boilerplate by Ahmad Awais!



This plugin provides 8 blocks.










Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
Go in ‘Blocks’ menu to manage blocks and settings


What is Advanced Gutenberg Blocks?

AGB brings new blocks for the new WordPress editor and a settings page to configure them. AGB also provides a page to tweak the WordPress editor, and deactivate native blocks that you don’t want to use.

Does the blocks exists in standalone?

No, but only the needed scripts are loaded in front, so don’t worry about performances

I have a block idea! How can I reach you?

Just throw me an e-mail at maxime [at] dysign . fr and let’s get in touch!


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