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Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin


With this plugin you can easily customize WordPress admin panel, login page, admin menu, admin bar etc. in tiny details and apply free responsive and commercial admin themes.

ADMIN BAR: Hide or change admin bar items. Remove WordPress traces from admin bar. Brand it with custom colors.
ADMIN MENU: Change and remove existing and add custom admin menu items. Brand it with custom colors.
COLORIZER: This tool is integrated with Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin panel and can be used to change default WordPress admin panel colors, admin bar, admin menu, login page, backgrounds and text.
BRANDING: Brand your admin panel pages with custom content, colors, images and text.
ADMIN PANEL OPTIONS: There are dozens of other admin panel options used to improve WordPress UX on admin and login pages items like Dashboard widgets, Help and Screen options, WordPress logos, links, menus etc. See the full list down below.


Cusmin is the premium version of the Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin that gives you advanced features for customization and branding. It’s perfect for professionals, but can be used on personal sites as well.

For more info about Cusmin, please go to Cusmin site.

Free themes for your admin panel and login page.

For more info about Cusmin themes, please go to Cusmin Themes.

General Settings

Hide “Screen Options” menu
Hide “Help” menu
Hide Color scheme on Profile page

Admin Bar Settings

Hide admin bar completely
Show Log out button only if admin bar is completely hidden
Hide admin bar on site pages only
Replace WordPress logo with custom branding image
Change link on admin bar logo
Custom page title template on admin pages (change => tag)
Add custom branding image above the content in admin bar
Hide WordPress logo
Hide site name
Hide admin bar logo context menu
Hide update notifications block
Hide “Comments” block
Hide “New” menu block
Hide “New” -> “Post”
Hide “New” -> “Link”
Hide “New” -> “Page”
Hide “New” -> “User”
Hide “New” -> “Media”
Change site name to custom text
Hide yellow WordPress update notification
Change Howdy text
Change Log Out text
Remove “Edit My Profile” option from context menu
Show “Log Out” button only on the right

Admin Footer Options

Hide footer completely
Change/remove footer text
Change/remove footer version text

Dashboard Page Options

Change Dashboard heading text
Add custom Dashboard HTML content
Hide dashboard widgets

Login Page Options

Hide back to blog text
Change back to blog text
Change login image
Change hyperlink on login image
Hide login image
Round corners on login boxes
Hide register and lost password links
Change hyperlink on register button

Admin Menu Options

Rename menu and sub-menu items
Hide menu and sub-menu items
Add new buttons with custom links
Remove icons from admin menu buttons
Remove spaces between admin menu buttons
Remove admin menu arrow on hover
Round admin sub-menu popups
Remove “Collapse” button
Add custom branding image above the admin menu
Add custom link to branding image
Change admin menu auto-folding settings


Change background and text colors on admin and login page
Change admin menu colors
Change widget colors


Add custom CSS
Add custom JavaScript
Export/import customization settings


If you are unable to login or you have any other problems, please check our FAQ and SUPPORT page.


Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin provides many options for admin panel customization, and it’s quite easy to use it.
Login page can be customized and styled with custom branding logo or image, rounded borders, background colors.
Colorizer options for branding with custom colors.
Custom Admin menu items.
Admin menu editor.
Add your own styles and JavaScript code.
Style Example #1
Style Example #2
Style Example #3
Style Example #4
Login style example


Upload ag-custom-admin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Navigate to plugin’s settings page: ‘Tools => AGCA’


Installation Instructions

Upload ag-custom-admin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Navigate to plugin’s settings page: ‘Tools => AGCA’

I see errors on my page. What can I do?

Please follow these steps:

* Open browser’s console and try to find JavaScript errors.

* Check if you can locate the plugin that throws the error, if so, try disabling that plugin and contacting their support.

* Try disabling plugins one-by-one to see when this problem occurs. If you can’t access login page, please temporary disable JavaScript in your browser and refresh the page.

* Try updating WordPress core and plugins

* If problem still persists, please contact the support

Plugin does not work after upgrading to new version. What should I do?

Make sure to have latest WordPress version installed. If nothing of these solutions help, please contact support.

I use older version of WordPress, can I still use this plugin?

Yes, just make sure to install older version of AGCA that works for you.

Admin Menu buttons are misaligned

Please use ‘Reset Settings’ button on Admin Menu page to reset menu configuration to defaults. Make sure to use latest plugin version with latest patches.

Some options are not working

If you have the latest WordPress and plugin versions and you still experience some issues, please contact us and report the issue.


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